Thursday, April 23, 2009

FW: valuable vote

Do you know your VOTE value?
In madurai (Azhukkiri's den) its about Rs. 4000 \ Vote. I guess in chennai its about Rs.500 at some places...
Isn't that all we know about the value of a Vote. TOI as a part of its Lead India initiative telecasts an Ad campaign with the theme "Power Of One". Its high time ppl choose to vote rather than remaining passive and just uttering their curses on the politicians, the whole system, the infrastructure and THERE ARE PPL who complain just about everything without even bothering to raise their finger a little. They i guess are a serious threat to our democracy. (while even i have second thoughts about democracy being a social change driver, make some noise and be the change you wish to see.).
I feel like this has shifted to answer those few ppl. but only to tell you guyz that u ppl are too many. And thinking that you are different you have all grown alike. With those same hatred envying the grown-up's. Dont you understand that you ppl are not only spoiling yourself but the whole ppl surrounding you and which only intensifies the hatred amongst ourselves. And these i feel are the most corrupt, most opportunistic, self-opined and egoistic kinds who think of themselves as a genius but only to find that they are not. I know that being self-opined is not an issue as long as its constructive to the development of the self and the nation as a whole.
Now coming back to the subject, I guess Voting gives us the right to Complain. Before just sitting and complaining about the attrocities happening around you, raise your hand, Be counted and then make some noise and that will hold high the torch for others. There is no hiding the fact that we are deficient but we are not weak. we just need the drive for which we need the right people. Whoever stands as a candidate may not be the one. But the change will only come with time. The time that is in our hands. When the whole world is thriving and seeking the Change. Maybe its time we should change too. No more pep talks and blasphemys, its time to seek the change and choose to vote Now this applies to me as well.
I started this as a single line pretext but went on to rant an rave line by line. Sorry for that. For i know i should change too... but atleast im trying...

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Do you know your VOTE value?
Are you aware of Section 49(o) of the Peoples' Representation Act under the Constitution of INDIA?
This section is  the real weapon in the hands of  every INDIAN citizen, if he wishes to express his choice of NOT voting any of the contestents in a Polling Booth, if he thinks that the contestants are NOT competant.
This  right is available to every electorate under our constitution, as per  the amended 1969 Act, under section49(o), that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his fingerprint  marked and convey to the presiding Election Officer that he doesn’t want to VOTE anyone in the voting screen!

YES such a feature is available, but obviously these provisions have never been disclosed to the electrate. 

A) Under section 49(o) if the electorate  deciding not to vote, can have  his electrol roll number duly entered in the register of voters in Form-17A and have his signature or thumb impression put  thereon as required under sud-rule (1) of rule 49L, in the event of deciding not to VOTE,  a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the electorate  shall be obtained against such remark.

B) Why should you go to the polling booth and say " I VOTE NONE?” In a given constituency if a candidate wins, say by 123 VOTES and that particular constituency has received Negative votes under section 49(o) which are  more than 123, then that polling will be cancelled and re-poll has to be ordered.Not only that - but also that the candidature of the previous contestants will be removed and they cannot contest the re-polling once again, since electorate  had already expressed their decision on them.
C)  This would instill  fear in the minds of the  political parties and they  would  look for genuine candidates for their parties for the election. This would bring the necessary  changes in our political system. Further, if this section 49(o) of the constitution is made public and gets Media Coverage, this will act as a deterant to all political parties from wrong choice of candidates.
D) Thus, expressing your desire not to vote for anybody, is even more powerful than VOTING… So don’t miss your chance!
Ghansham Ojha,

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You're not chicken, are you?

There once was a chicken farmer who was a keen rock climber.  One day, climbing a particularly challenging rock face, he came upon a wide ledge.


On the ledge was a big nest and in the nest there were three large eggs.  Eagle eggs.


He knew it was very un-ecological and definitely illegal, however temptation got the better of him and he discreetly put one of the eagle eggs in his rucksack.


Then he climbed down and went back to his ranch, and put the egg in the hen house.


That night the mother hen sat on the huge egg, the proudest chicken you've ever seen (and the cock seemed pretty pleased with himself as well!).


In the fullness of time the egg hatched and the baby eagling emerged. It looked around and saw the mother hen.


"Mama!" it squawked.


As time passed the eagle grew up with its brother and sister chicks. It learnt to do all the things that chickens do.


It clucked and cackled, it scratched in the dirt for worms, flapping its wings furiously, and flying a few feet into the air before crashing to earth in a pile of dust and feathers.


And believing above all things that it was totally a chicken.


Year after year passed, until one bright sunny day the eagle-who-thought-it-was-a-chicken, looked up into the sky.


High overhead, soaring majestically on the thermal currents, flying effortlessly with scarcely a beat of its powerful golden wings, was an eagle.


"What's that?" said the eagle-who-thought-it-was-a-chicken in awe to a farmyard neighbour.


"Its magnificent. So much power and grace.  Poetry in motion."


"That's an eagle," said the chicken. "That's the King of the Birds. It's a bird of the air. However we, we're only chickens, we're birds of the earth."


And so it was, the eagle lived and died a chicken, because that's all it thought it was. 


Now there are very few soaring eagles in this world.


Most people listen and look to other chickens and follow their lead.


You can never attain the heights of success by having unsuccessful role-models. And following the general flock can only end up in mediocrity.


Something to think about.



The first step to becoming an eagle is choosing the RIGHT role-models for what you want to become.


What are your desires?


Who have you seen or heard about, who has successfully attained similar desires?


If you want their success you'll want to start doing the things they do to achieve that success.


No matter what you want to do.


Write a novel. Run for office. Get better grades. Climb Mount Everest. Change your diet. Learn another language. Run a billion dollar company....


Or whatever your heart desires.


Everything could be achieved


Be Soaring Eagle rather than whining Chicken……….