Friday, January 15, 2010


  •  Tintin in Soviet Russia (1929–1930) - b/w

  •  Tintin in Congo (1930–1931) -b/w

  •  Tintin in America (1931–1932)

  •  Cigars of the Pharaoh (1932–1934)

  •  The Blue lotus (1934–1935)

  •  The Broken Ear (1935–1937)

  •  The Black Island (1937–1938)

  •  King Ottokars Sceptre (1938–1939)

  •  The Crab with the Golden Claws (1940–1941)

  •  The Shooting Star (1941–1942)

  •  The Secret of the Unicorn (1942–1943)

  •  RedRackhams Treasure (1943–1944)

  •  The Seven Crystal Balls (1943–1948)

  •  Prisoners of the Sun (1946–1949)

  •  Land of Black Gold (1948–1950)

  •  Destination Moon (1950–1953)

  •  Explorers on the Moon (1950–1954)

  •  The Calculus Affairs (1954–1956)

  •  The Red Sea Sharks (1958)

  •  Tintin In Tibet (1960)

  •  The Castafiore Emerald (1963)

  •  Flight 714 (1968)

  •  Tintin and the Picaros (1976)

  •  Tintin and the Alphart (1986)
  • Bucket Sandhi

    Sorry for the caste specific post. This is something i just wanted to tell ya all.... Im sure no one would feel offended with this. If you find it boring, pl. ignore...

    Hey guyz.. 

    I know i ain't supposed to b here preaching malice... But just being curious to know if there are others doing bucket sandhi as well...

    While I very much wanted to do the Sandhi everyday, the inability of mine added with unavailability of time had forced me to frustration as i found it hard to cope with my otherwise pandemonistic and lazy lifestyle.

    Which is when the inventor in me thought about finding a new alternative... 

    With credit to my TRIZ skill i found it very convenient to alter the traditional method of doing it in the banks of the river. (there used to be river running around every city, coroporation, village and harmitages those days) which is why brahmins those days were doing it while taking bath.

    I was like why not we do it while bathing too... That is when it all started 'The Bucket Sandhi'.... I've been doing it for years now.. I donno if it really violates any of the sacred verses that we insipidly recite day and again. To which i think I do not hold any curses for culpable damage to...

    On the other hand i do it seriously without hesistance of any kind twice a day (madhyaniham - never tried that..). I've been doing it for almost 5 yrs now...

    Well to those perfectionists pl ignore me as yet another anomalies.... To those fellow Bucket Sandhi performers... Cheerz guyz.....