Friday, November 25, 2011

Maestro of Sitar... Pt. Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar's album Breathing under waret (2007)

I dont know since when i started falling for sitar... the haunting Hameer.. dheen thal's... the chirping sounds in successions mastered by the great Pt. Ravishankar. I had this privilege once in my life to hear him perform in Chennai for some concert organized by SPIC alongside his daughter Anoushka.

I just happened to hear from a tube with she playing in the prestigious Carnegie Hall... I must say truly she has proven the old saying to emulate her father coming of age showing great maturity. Even I had bee blamed her for being quite un-classical and showing-off more with too less of technique.

Anoushka Shankar with her father and guru Pt. Ravi shankar after a concert in 2006

At the beginning of her career, Anoushka played strictly classical sitar music and came under some criticism because she supposedly wasn't as good as her father. I must say its an unfair comparison though and also i had heard Recently the album Breathing Under Water though it was released around 2007, Anoushka has been experimenting with Indian fusion, mixing her sitar playing with more Western music.This album is a collaboration with Karsh Kale, who is an Indian producer, composer, and musician who is known for mixing Indian music with other styles.

My favourite being the oceanic part 2 (feat. ravi shankar) comes as the 12th track. I have been hearing the same song for the last 3 days putting it in a loop. Surely I guess I have a lot to catch-up.

Hopefully she'd be as famous and most importantly an ambassador of Brand India too...

Anoushka Shankar during a concert in Los Angeles

Saturday, November 12, 2011

arduino LCD Display. Tamil characters

Tamil in seven segment display on my 16x2 LCD panel... with the counter..

Thatz my name in tamil. followed by tamil arduino... cool isn't it...

Sorry for the blurred images.. this is the best i could manage with my mobile.

I have been experimenting with my Arduino for a while now... did this for fun before having to read a thermo couple output and those messy signal condition circuits driving me crazy.... couldn't afford those costly ones though... will see about that....

And this is a nice pic of my arduino with ATMega 32 Sitting atop...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Silence - A poem I read somewhere

A poem on silence…. I read somewhere… written by kids…
Can’t imagine how deep a kid of 12’s thoughts could be… This one sure can express multitudes of her feelings….

Really am envy of her as to how pristine and beautiful her thoughts are…

Silence shines when you’re alone

It dances through the glass

When I feel quiet, silence

Tiptoes into my dreams

It somersaults through the ocean

Until it falls into my hands

-       By Victoria, age 12