Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's an empty vessel

A story i got from one of those forwards...
It’s an empty vessel

A young farmer was covered with sweat as he paddled his boat up the river. He was going upstream to deliver his produce to the village and he was in a hurry. It was a hot day and he wanted to make his delivery and get home before dark. As he looked ahead, he spotted another vessel, heading rapidly downstream towards his boat. It was coming at a good pace too. This farmer rowed furiously to get out of the way, but it did not seem to help.

He yelled at the other vessel, “Change direction, you idiot! You are going to hit me. The river is wide. Change your course". His screaming was of no use. The other vessel hit his boat with a big loud thud. He was enraged as he stood up and cried out to the other vessel. “Stupid! How could you manage to hit my boat in the middle of this wide river? What is wrong with you? "

And as he looked at the other vessel he realized that there was no one in the other boat. He was screaming at an empty vessel that had broken free of its moorings and was going downstream with the current.

The lesson is very simple.

There is never anyone in the other boat.

When we are angry we are screaming at an empty vessel.

All of us know people who drive us crazy, whom we hate to the core with passion. We may have spent countless hours reliving the moments when this person was unfair, unappreciative or inconsiderate to us. Even remembering this person pumps up our blood pressure.

The best way of dealing with people like this is to not let them make us angry. Getting angry doesn’t help in improving the situation and life is too short to waste on feeling bad or staying with grudges.

Next time when there is a surge of anger in you, just remember this.

There is never anyone in the other boat. It’s an empty vessel always


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is Baar Nahin - Not Anymore

Below is a wonderful poem written by Prasoon Joshi on account of the 26\11 attacks. After an year these words still resound through every walls and every streets of the mumbaikars....

No... No... Lets just dont divide ourselves for the thakrey's barbarious desciples and takers of his rubbish philosophies wont bear a word as if the term mumbaikar is theirs alone...

Whatever... Here it goes... I'll also get u the transilated text for you guyz.. I guess i've found it in some blog if so shall post the link in the comments.. do watch out....

Is Baar Nahin - Not Anymore

Is baar jab woh choti si bachchi mere

paas apni kharonch le kar aayegi

Main use phoo phoo kar nahin behlaoonga

Panpaney doonga uski tees ko

Is baar nahin

Is baar jab main chehron par dard likha dekhoonga

Nahin gaoonga geet peeda bhula dene wale

Dard ko risney doonga' utarney doonga andar gehrey

Is baar nahin

Is baar main na marham lagaoonga

Na hi uthaoonga ruee ke phohey

Aur na hi kahoonga ki tum aankhein band karlo,

gardan udhar kar lo main dawa lagata hoon

Dikhney doonga sabko, hum sabko khuley nangey ghaav

Is baar nahin

Is baar jab uljhaney dekhoonga, chatpatahat dekhoonga

Nahin daudoonga uljhee dor lapetney

Uljhaney doonga jab tak ulajh sake

Is baar nahin

Is baar karm ka hawala de kar nahin uthaoonga auzaar

Nahin karoonga phir se ek nayee shuruaat

Nahin banaoonga misaal ek karmyogi ki

Nahin aaney doonga zindagi ko aasani se patri par

Utarney doonga usey keechad main,

tedhey medhey raston pe

Nahin sookhney doonga deewaron par laga khoon

Halka nahin padneydoonga uska rang

Is baar nahin banney doonga usey itna laachaar

ki paan ki peek aur khoon ka fark hi khatm ho jaye

Is baar nahin

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai

Gaur se thoda lambe wakt tak

Kuch faisley

Aur uskey baad hausley

kahin toh shuruat karni hee hogi

Is baar yahi tay kiya hai...



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Distrust - Broken Hearts...

Sometimes people close to your heart are so unreasonable that you tend to doubt the basic trust which you have on them, for so many many years...

Whose fault is it ?

What do we do ??

Just brush aside and console yourself that the world is becoming one hard place to live ???

Don't trust anyone ????

The only person to trust is yourself ?????

What is the point in living, when we aren't going to trust anyone ??????


I don't have an answer yet.... Hopefully life will teach me soon!!!

Trust is hard earned.

Trust earned can be lost in a moment by a small mistake.

Trust lost is hard to rebuild.

Don't make false promises !!

Keep up your words!!

Be reasonable!!

Be True... Atleast to yourself !!!


The information contained in this e-mail and attachments thereto is confidential
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Hope.... The Elixir Of Life

Just wrote this today morning. I guess it sounds a bit hopeful.

Hope - The Elixir of Life....

Just one of the days Im feeling low
Not knowing what else i do not know
Seems im straying away as i had lost track of my life
Besieged by ire, haplessness, sloth, dissent and strife

When evey hope I carried seems to fade away,
The roads i've tread seems so far away
While everything thatz me is totally retarded
And all your distant dreams have fatally departed

I kept staring at the dark and infinite sky
Asking the glimmering stars as to why ?
Why was I not the chosen one ??
Why should I die as yet another one ???

Why isn't truth always the triumphant one ?
Why is this life so mean and nasty than fun ??
Is it so that the happiness is a perception of life
I guess its a deception thatz so shoddy & naive

Yet therez something in me that cries so foul,
And says dreams cannot die, be doomed to furl.
They transform and haunt you for all your days
Till you come to terms with your ways but never frays.

For they are the elixir of every lives in the world
full of hopes like those stories as a kid you were told.
The Beauty of life that I can now see
For i guess i've got new wings up to flee

Dreams so many that have sprung like a tree
The fight is on for I must to be free
I shall not give up for i stand reformed
From dreams to reality Now i hope to be transformed

Remember Hope is what that springs into life
and makes it a journey so exciting to ride
Worry not for you have miles to go before you sleep
For there is no time to whine and weep.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

N on Track !!!!

Phew !!! What an eventful week it was...

I literally had no time to look behind.. have been sleeping hardly enough (4hrs a day). I have never felt so far in my life that 24 hrs. a day isn't enough at all... Not even during the examination days. Guess if one had to work like this he'll die of chronic failures of all of his senses one after another. However the days were interesting as well with loads of activities, lots of planning and lots more of work.

Guess the coming week would be much more eventful as well if not the same as we get closer to the deadline but the thing is that its not us but the target that is closing-in on us. Whatever it is, this week will answer us all that are we really the ones who could do things.

Just to give you all a glimpse of what is it that we are upto, i'd borrow our top man's description of what we really are upto.

"You ppl are in a 20-20 cricket match in which you'll have to strike 22+12 runs in the last over. But its just that the match has already been over a month ago and you ppl are still swaying your bats saying that you'll accomplish things, come what may...."

Well it just gives you guyz a glimpse of sheer enormity of the task-at hand, we've been asked to give it a try even if it means that the match has already over. Afterall the match has to be played for someone to win !!! And the last over still had to be bowled if it has to be over !!!...

I guess that is where we stand now... After a week of having been assigned within to accomplish come what may, though we all have the apprehensions that how could this be done after all ?? we've decided to steer through to see if we could make a difference... A difference to the world out there, to ourselves and for no one else.... For i believe life is not about standing safe and watching things but is all about getting hurt a million times and then at the end you'd only say Wow... What a ride !!!

But what would obviously hurt at the end is that all these will eventually be credited to those select few who have been groomed to be like whatever they are. 

That apart i guess we are gaining some momentum. Seriously... I guess we are keeping up the run-rate. If only we could manage the same and could step up a few time at the later days of the week, i guess we'd have done justice to ourselves and to the organization. I was very much thrilled and excited at the excitement this has given us whether the other are enjoying or not. 

Something in me tells me strongly that we have finally arrived... and i hope i could still motivate all my fellow warriors to stay put and fight bravely to win it for ourselves...

I can see the gush of optimism that is now flowing within ourselves. If only we do things like these we'd realize our true ability. May our will's win this for us.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The End Game Begins !!!

Looks like im upto a wild goose chase these days, while i've been crying about the vile deeds of ppl all these days without realizing the fact that im doing nothing to do to be change the change i wish to see. Now it all has come to a standstill as i've been roped in literally from nowhere to accept the challenge and im very much excited except for the fact that the task that has been given is comparable to nothing less than to move a mountain with the teaspoon.

I had to agree for the fact that i could've intervened to conspire to move it a stone a day months before. While i could afford to comfortably blame the top echlons and their buddies buttressing them, i'd also like to think this as my failiure to change things, while the reason could've been many i still had been watching this all the while drifting away. I realize i must've been very selfish all the while. Neglecting as if these aren't my job and even if had to intervene i was constantly demotivated with all the words that they had used to describe my performance last year. But I shouldn't have let this happen though this was not at all in my purview.

Had a hour long brawl with the VGP man after having written him a looong mail accusing him of whatever i felt he did. But had felt very much remorseful later as i thought i was barking up the wrong tree and i was a overacting a bit harsh aloft emotially. Also that there is very little he could do to change himself and that i had been quite and let things happen this way all these years and that this has come to this stage.

Coming back to the challenge, we've been consistently failing as a team and i dont want to blame anyone for that. When we fail collectively as a team we should take the blame all by ourselves though its only few of us who have been tagged with  responsibilities and we've lost track of the target looong ago. But now this had come back so strong to haunt us.

While we were almost certain that we'll slip from our committment for another time, our VGP man has been asked to lie low and reigns have been shifted (or rather withdrawn) by the top man and he want to steer the ship as we were still searching for the target. Just when the target seems nowhere at sign, we've been asked to steer in full throttle with a new navigator and all of us have been assigned with new (rather) roles and we had to hit the ground in less than 10days. Which although seems impossible, i though why not ??

While the Top man only tries to conjure\ season us for the uphill task with all his superfluous elating words i was thinking why shouldn't i buy these... Why shouldn't i take some motivation from his words for afterall this is what we've been lacking all the while, and especiall when the organization need you to fire and its that only you could help why should you be shying away. I've decided to grab the challenge with both my hands. Hope this entails in rebuilding the lost me.

I hope that i'll motivate others more than i've been motivated. Hoping things would fall in place somehow though all that we've  planned have been falling apart. I wish to put up a brave fight without wanting to loose the war. I'd like to fight with all my spirits and the few men we have to battle it out the hard way. Lets hope to win !!! though i guess the end game has already begun...

Shall update all you guyz before the end of the month which is when the climax is most likely to occur. Sorry for musing on my work part again.... its been the most happening part of my life these days. Will come back soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Betrayal - Yet again...

I guess i've been prudent enough all these years not to divulge too much into what i do for a living (work life). But whenever i think of posting something these days the first thing that comes over my is that. I feel so compelling to let my readers (if there is someone out there who really reads my musings) know of what am I going through. The prime reason for which is that it is 'THE' most Happening part in my life these days. I guess there's nothing more worth a word happening otherwise as the thought of which engulf's me to ruin all my day.
It pretty hard when you wake-up everyday in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is this and it takes a while to realize that you just aren't living a bad dream but a grave reality.. It pains for the entire day only to start all-over again the other. It never seem to recede.  Not even in miniscule proportions and branches out in every fragments of your life.
I know i might sound all the more same in my last few posts. But still this is what Im going through. A passing cloud may be or a permanent storm as the case  may well be. There is not an ioata of doubt in me that i'll see through these rough patches (treacherous) but the fact is that i ain't enjoying it no more like i usually do. Probably because of the sheer magnitude of treason and betrayal that it radiates. It hurts and it hurts where it'll pain the most and that makes it
much harder to digest.
well enough rambling around i think its better I get straight to the point for I think you guys deserve more to know the reason, the cause of all these anomalies (or common for me to some degree) mainly because i value you all for enduring so much to read all the crap and darn musing i've spitted out every while. I guess you guys mean much to me... More than my boss (umpteen number of times)
It all started with the annual appraisal scheme thate we have like any other corporate. I was rated as one of the lowest performer this year (neither i was recognized as the otherwise till now. But that the thing of the past) Though i guess most of the ppl agree that i had indeed done a commendable job if not  a spectacular (atleast to me) i indeed had a preconcieved notion in my mind that i'd be beaten this year around too but what came as a shocker is this. How can you be so damned for whatever gook work you do amid all the demotivating ambience. I still  gasped hard to surf through the wild storm but never realized that its only getting bigger day after another.....
God knows where this trail lead me to....

Sunday, September 06, 2009

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

~~~ My métier no more ~~~

The quick 3 minute ride in the elevator to the basement from the 94th storey paled in comparison to the arduous climb floor by floor – stair by stair he made to reach the place he called home for the past four years or possibly more than he could remember. He had a whole new world waiting for him, new horizons to explore, new trails to leave behind, lots of apprehensions and a whole lot of excitement, but he wasn’t on the 94th floor no more and it felt unfamilar.

I feel like that guy now as I try to stay afloat in a deluge of nostalgia I am besieged by. It was a passionate journey with fervent enthusiasm paving the way to where I felt I had found my true métier. The association may have been sudden but I asseverate I sure woolgathered long and hard about it . Each time I debated as a student upholding its monopolistic ways, each time I glanced at its founder’s signature on a xanthous piece of paper carefully tucked away in my wallet, each time I powered on my window to the world, I wanted to see myself inside it with a seething desire to be a spoke in the wheel that drove the entire industry. I can still smell the stench of accomplishment emanating from every pore of my skin when I knew I was finally there, to stay, the very first time, raring to take on my fraternity and come out a proud man.

The charm and the zest, however, dwindled with time as the ennui of work began to set in but it sure was an eventful ride, One that showed me the prejudiced and mediocre minds full of vanity and pretence and the one that left me with bragging rights of having influenced, even if in miniscule proportions, a huge portion of humanity.

I dont particularly like the eeriness of the defeat. The muteness and the humility that comes with it. I had always wanted to associate myself with the ruthlessness of victory and haughtiness of it. And still remaining humble is what is iam to me. But things aren’t the same since i embarked on my endeavour for a wild goose chase.

I feel like Iam off the wagon now and for the good, (though i still scuff along down to peril) pursuing something else which over time has become the fancy of my imagination but as I look back I feel strange realizing that I am yet to find my true métier after all.

PS: I seriously wanted to post something cheerful from the brighter days of my life back then. But can’t help with as the situations are getting worser ever day for me. Do stick with me pals for i need you all the most now which gives the strength to fight and lead the rebellion. I shall see the light of the day someday or other.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oblivion - Endless Road Of Misery

It has been long since i posted my verses... Hoping would post some more... Hopefully from the brighter part of my life unlike this one.... So stay put guyz...
The Endless Road Of Misery
Standing all by myself as i gaze at the sky
Along the bay watching those ships steer by
Marching towards their destiny they cruise
I was Trying to make sense to my life since it all went aloof
I Stood there starting the at faces that cross me by
Watching my entire life just passing me by
Too scared to leave, too frightened to stay
Wondering how do I get through one more cloudy day
This is not at all the life I had planned
Mapped out with directions, compass in hand
Instead I am on the road to oblivion
Miserable inside, yet I go on pretending i'll move on
I've been entangled in this void since the day you have gone
Time and again misery keeps following me on
Trying to realize where it all had gone wrong
Who was I once and what I have become
amidst the shimmering life, I've been fighting myself on
Trapped in the past for too long
With diminishing hopes as days pass on
Wondering if i'll find a way back into life
This book of sorrow is stuck in a page
No matter how hard I run, Im still gasping for breath in the same cage
Sometimes it seems as eons have passed me by
Waiting like a lonely moon and crying within the infinite sky
Emptiness wonders how much more can I take
Not knowing what lies ahead  more mistakes to make
But through it all I still keep walking on
Following me, the Darkness still keeps stalking on
Chasing the shadow of mine
I still keep walking on this endless road of misery
Loneliness ahead, emptiness behind
wondering how long can I go on?
- Chuppandi

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Independent India - Musings on the IDay 63

Every August, it will be Independence Day just like it was since the day it all began way back in 47 which many of us would've never seen.... The entire nation will wear a festive look. The tri-colour will flutter on the buildings and roads. The media will recapitulate the events of the freedom struggle. Political leaders will display their oratorical prowess from public platforms listing out their achievements and calling upon the masses to be vigilant in guarding the country's sovereignty against external aggression. As usual, they will dish out more promises to work for the uplift of the downtrodden and poor and ensuring equal rights and opportunities to one and all as enshrined in the Constitution.

As we all would know, ours is a predominantly agricultural country. You like him or not, Mahatma Gandhi had said, "the heart of India lies in its villages". The majority of our population lives in villages. Even after 62 years of Independence, most of them live below the poverty line and are socially oppressed. Though we have made impressive and spectacular strides in various fields like science and technology, education and industries, Its imperarative that the benefits have not reached the common man (Aam Aadmi) . Basic needs such as drinking water, electricity and shelter are still a distant dream for many. We should look deeper inside within so as to develop our outlook. There are lots more to be done at the grassroot level. Developing the villages (gaav's) should be our topmost priority for us to move forward to reach the status of the superpower. Rather we are making deals and working with cities just to make them more glamorous and attractive towards the FDI's and VC's. Unless we develop our basic infra nothing gonna change even if things seems so won't last for years and aren't worth to take us to the level we all aspire of.

Our economic order has been liberalised and has drifted away from nationalisation to globalisation even still we stayed a bit conservative which almost saw us through these recession thing thatz rocking the world these days. Our foreign policies have always stayed introversive. But still oflate we've managed to pull of deals with other G8's to collaborate on all front to advance in Science, Technology, Industries, Textile, Engineering, Sports and even Literary & Arts. We have leaders in every front but still we lack the professional approach and the lack of proper stystem to groom the future aspirants still haunts and its not just the UID's thatz gonna help us in our way forward we need a inspiring vision with palpable action.

Our political system has become corrupt to a degree none of us can imagine. Our Politicians are totally engrossed in driving wedges between communities, religion, castes and what not to gain political mileage and strengthen their vote banks. Even the face of terror proved futile in bringing us together. Parliaments are full of dogfights without consensus on any issues. We are left fighting selfishly on every issues of national importance.

I wish every Independence Day there should be a time for political introspection by India’s political leaders and its polity as to whether they have been able to deliver on the political promises made by them to the people of India. It is also the time for personal introspection by India’s political leaders in that whether they themselves personally have contributed to the strengthening of the ‘moral fabric’ of India in terms of setting exemplary standards of political probity, honesty and integrity and also ensuring that their political flock does likewise.

Independence Day had come and went like every year but has left in its wake the troubling thought as to whether India really has ‘dignified political leaders’ or they all have juggled the spelling of ‘leaders’ and ended up as ‘political dealers’ devoid of political morality and conscience. Especially the country's current state of affairs seriously demands a reality check on everyone of us and the country as a whole. It is true that we have lots of things to boast off over the last year but its equally eventful in terms of adversities and mishaps. I would not like to dwell too much on any of the issues as it would only evoke grave criticism.

I've not been wonderstruck at the electrifying spectacle of the English parting us at the stroke of the midnight when Nehru delivered his landmark speech 'Tryst with destiny. Iam still wondering as to why India’s politicians who succeed them and those who head them can no longer recreate those electrifying moments on every passing Independence Day. The answer is obvious as there are no political leaders left of the genre of India’s freedom movement. India today has been left with ‘political pygmies’ whose sole political activity is focused not on nation-building but on devising political tricks to capture power and survive in power at any cost.

How does one term the sordid spectacle that India’s polity put on display (on the event of last elections) for the citizens who voted them to power hoping that somehow even if they were ‘not fit to lead’ they would ‘at least provide honest governance’? Will their hopes be realised or will their needs be ever fulfilled. Defenitely not as it seems so in the due course. But will this pain ever abate is left to be seen.

The Worst of all was as to how the Indian Muslim communal card was being played by the so called secular parties. In the Parliament debate where India’s national issues should have been in the forefront and especially those really connected with the trust vote in terms of honest governance no effort was spared to dramatize the Congress Party’s so called secular credentials by lionizing the speeches of Indian Muslim Members of Parliament singing praises of the Congress

Few obvious questions arise from this sordid display of low political morality. The first is whether the Congress President and the Congress Prime Minister can absolve themselves from all that happened inside and outside the Parliament last year in terms of political wheeling and dealing. Secondly, both of them should be asking themselves whether all their wheeling and dealing was politically worth it keeping in mind that they are indeed debasing further the state of political affairs in the country which is already facing a severe lack of moral credentials upon which they are built upon. They somehow had lost their ultimate goal and are fighting only for their survival and in-turn their loyals to stay in power.

The answer however to many of such questions is a resounding ‘no’. If it is their contention that by winning a trust vote or just by signing a deal with US or showing their great indifference to any of the burning issues and still boasting off their resounding win by politically and morally questionable methods has raised India’s stock in the international arena then they are deluding themselves. They have only belittled themselves and in-turn had left us in a hapless state.

Finally, the people of India themselves are to blame for facilitating the rise of a motley group of unprincipled political midgets to power by an apathetic indifference to India’s political affairs and India’s political governance. This particularly applies to India’s rising middle class like me.There had been several calls over these years that stressed on the imperatives of India’s middle class politically empowering themselves to break the stranglehold of India’s captive vote-banks on India’s electoral arithmetic

Having said all these i believe the country is at the crossroads. Its for them to take a call (timely call) on framing the path ahead and rise to the call of duty beyond all issues and adversities. I wish the current leaders would focus on taking the country in the right direction and bring about development, prosperity and peace. May thins IDay be just another beginning of a new India... Truly Independent India

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is Light at the end of the tunnel...

never been this awful a speaker in my life....

No.. No... wait... this isn't just another musing about how deplorable a state im in these days,to the contrary this is about how i just overcame one of those impedes which gave me a bit of confidence that i too shall see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Needless to say how pathetic a state am i in overall. But just one of those components of it is my talking. I've been talking mindlessly over everything. I've even beento meetings where i've uttered statements without knowing what i meant and presumably my words absolutely meant nothing. it made absolute indifference of either my words neither my presence.

I wasn't this bad afterall for i had a good vocabulary to choose words from within, had taken several seminars and took a few concept lectures for my juniors and even for M.Tech's, I've done a few papers and did my own project presentations including those hectic review meetingswhere ppl will shoot point-blank questions only about why i've not done those things and about how wrong a path im in. I took them all in their stride, i managed my life pretty well those days. Never been frustrated and was always cool when it matters most esp. those intense presentations and question hours. There were some significant comments even from my guides about how jocular i am when i took those seminars. I've always enjoyed interactions. But days have rolled now.... I guess its enough boasting off and now where where were I ???

It was one of those presentations where-in I had to present something (a work we did in our dept.) with few big ppls (they claim so !!) around. I had a lot of points to make and few chords to strike at the right time.As usual I fainted and blabbered incessantly as my words meant nothing even to me and feeling which i scrambled to safe mode and managed to salvage few bits of those messes i left and in process forgot all those points i had in mind, which in-turn evidently resulted as questions which neither me nor my boss enjoyed as it'd raise unwarranted fingers at ppl's ability and so forth which are applicable to every corporates as if a norm.

And then stood my boss who handled things from there and took it in his shoulders to shoo away them all which he did pretty well. I felt ashamed of having done more than few bits of work, i failed to make an impact. And thatis what counts out here the place where i work.

That night i repented for what i did (But can't help myself), was angry at myself and was equally quizeed as to why have i become so deterred, so weak now,and most importantly so soon. It was evident by then that i am running low on confidence. I wasn't feeling that positive enough and those ruthlessspirit, confidence and hope i had carried had faded away considerably. Iam not sure at myself these days. But the worst part is i could hardly do anything about it now.

The very next day called my boss to tell me how unhappy he was (he never used to tell that even though i flopped and always fell short of his yardstick, he'd only talk about the positives).But that was a very different person i was speaking to. Actually i was happy that somone is pointing my mistakes and to which i meekly listened. He was telling how bad i sounded when i actually stood there stumbling for words. And told me that the problem wasn't my language or fear (coz i never had feard ppl in ranks. I always speak of what i think explicitly irrespective of their position). But it was indeed my thinking which has to be changed, he said.
To which i returned null. For a moment I had though he must've been to one of those inspirational management Programmes or to those lectures about how to motivate others et al. But thankfully he made sense. He knew exacly what was the problem with me (My talking).

He said "you are always thinking about the points you wanted to make and are waiting for that time and in-turn failing to say what has to be said until then. And thinking about the next sentence everytime you are always failing to say what has to be said now." WHich sounded a bitnormal advice and those typecast advice given by the experts but when thought upon made much sense and to my surprise, alas! i've found answer to one of myumteen questions.

It took me a while as I began my course correction measures. I started from thinking where did i get this habit from and found out that i was actually learning those times to play guitar and was having trouble following the notes in which always i had to see the notes ahead and how should i changemy fingers subsequently but should play what is on the present time also following the beats. I struggled really hard to cope up with all these and in-turn had been thinking about what i had to say next even when i speak. This really took some time to sink-in.

But i think im really able to manage things better now. Had a important meeting with few ppl last week (non-official and non-personal... no raising of eyebrows, it ends here...) i was really thankful to my boss for the first time since i met him for really giving me a reformativefeedback for the first time. And if only he could give reasons\feedbacks for all the scrutinizing he did or for what he did for me so for i could've changed myself to cope with what was really expected of me. (Seriously, I still do not know... and is worth an introspection)

That being said, this was really helpful for me as a person and to groom myself for the so called professional life. And most importantly gave me a bit of confidence to believe that i too could see some light and have helped me in keeping my hope alive. Thanks to him for I couldn'ttell this directly to him which would mean the otherwise (especially this month :)... Never mind im confident and have no big expectations for i know what is it that counts in this part of the world..)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do you plan to develop the country.

Below is an article i wrote for my friend which actually convey what i've been thinking of. Just thought of posting this.
An Essay on How do you plan to develop the country.
India is a preeminent contributor to the global knowledge base. As the R&D institutions across the globe are setting their bases here to tap the abundant congnitive resources it is imperative to channel our inherent and abundant knowledge towards the betterment of the nation to propel it through its aspiration to become a global leader in terms of economy, Science & Technology and every other metrics.
As per the saying "When one light lits another they doesn't grow less", i wish to impart the spirit of victory that is ever radiant in our nerves to focus on the Research and Development so that we shall quech our thirst for knowledge and shall cater our ever arising need for technology as every other developing nation has. With which we shall sustain on ourselves. With indegenous technology comes all the evident advantages that further propels our stands amongst the world.
I plan to establish a Knowledge Centre where-in every talent and resources across domains are pooled in to ideate the future and shall work on innovative and creative ideas that can bring us a steadfast resolve to stop the knowledge gap exists across every field. It is with such a unision i feel we shall be more agile and competitive.
While the plan is very optimistic I also know that for this happen, i've to see several crossroads and overcome tougher challenges. But I feel that I can see myself through and hoping that the quality of education and character i can learn from your Institution would help me immensely in preparing myself for the battle and shall help me in motivating the minds of my fellow countrymen and inspire them to
collaborate for the common goal.
I am looking forward for the opportunity / challenge to study with some of the best brains across the world and hope to carry forward the learning to contribute to propel the technological advancement and the status of my Country...

Vande Matraram....
maa tuje salaam.....
tu he paas bi naye laga he..........
taai manne vanakkam....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Musings : what i am today...

one more grueling week of cricket and it feels like all your masteries of the past had been ripped-off from you and all you can do is just keep watching as everything fades away.
I may not have been a gilly in batting and keeping but seriously i was someone who could atleast grasp a leg-cutter or a googly a yard away. Now it all seems to be a thing of a past now. Its not just that im not playing well its just that to how extent i am surfing low that is bothering me.
I have never told my pals whom i play with of my previous stints as it'd be very hard for them to believe for i cannot contemplate myself as if i did something. I had to scratch my head off a while so as to believe that i was capable of doing something.
Now i couldn't even watch the ball on the flight as everything crumbles away it shells ur confidence and all you could do is just guess and live somehow which made my pals joke at me.. Further pathetic is my keeping these days. I could hardly grab a ball (i hope atleast my team and those who had played with me during my college days would vouch for me for old times sake) And the days i had undergone coaching along with the other one for keeping are still distant memories fading away fastly. All i could remember now is a faint image of a comparitively less obese maniac who could grab a 110K ball with finneese (well cmon guys this came in a flow, if not with fineese say with a bit of trouble) :) ...
Well i did not wanted to boast-off my previous achievements to those who make fun out of me just to prove that i had been there sometimes. I just wanted to keep remembering the good old days so that i could just live of  another day hoping this ill-luck of mine would pass away somehow and that go-lucky guy in me resurfaces again to  turn the things around and i'll hit rajesh for a six next time when he shows me the grunting face of his and says those demeaning words to you. You cant just be hit always at some point of time you had to hit back isn't it??

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life has started to move on...

A lot has been happening these days adding some pace to my otherwise placid life. Be it personal or related to work. Personally if not for me, there has been some developments in the form of my bro. Which had me to do few things.
And as for me i had a fall from my bike (i can sense ur pleasure and deja vu's) owing to a floating point error in my calculation while i did a steep skew to turn right on my way to Vehicle stand (fortunately) i had few ppl who are still gracious enuff to help me given all the trouble i gave'em. Thanks to PAP for helping me the most not fogetting others. And with a bit of mess with my tooths, im still living on...
There had been quite a few developments in my other part of the  life, had to change back again to our earlier place (got back to where we belong) rather perturbed. Looks like a new cog is fitting in... and i hope to get back to the blog buisness like i used to before.

Just thought of tell u im very much alive to trouble for days to come... Cheerz mates

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Allah ke bande - Translation

An wonderful translation of Allah ke bande... Inspired by the sufi poetry...

crossposted from - tat tvam asi

Toota Toota Ek Parinda Aise Toota An angel was so badly broken
Ke Phir Jud Naa Paaya That he could not be healed
Loota Loota Kisne Usko Aise Loota Somebody stole (the wings) from the angel
Ke Phir Ud Naa Paaya Till he was unable to fly
O O O O Toota Toota Ek Parinda Aise Toota
Ke Phir Jud Naa Paaya
Loota Loota Kisne Usko Aise Loota
Ke Phir Ud Naa Paaya
Girta Hua Woh Asma Se he fell from the sky
Aakar Gira Zameen Par Onto the earth
Khwabon Mein Phir Bhi Badal Hi The Yet in his dreams there were still only clouds
Woh Kehta Raha Magar And he kept saying

Ke Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande that the people of Allah will always stay happy (laughing)
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega The people of Allah will always be laughing... whatever happens, there will always be another day

Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega

Kho Ke Aapne Par Hi To Usne Tha Ud Naa Sikha Only after losing his wings did he learn to fly
Kho Ke Aapne Par Hi To O O O
Kho Ke Aapne Par Hi To Usne Tha Ud Naa Sikha
Gham Ko Aapne Saath Mein Lele Dard Bhi Tere Kaam Aayega Take your sorrow with you, for the pain will be of use to you

Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega
Aa Aa Aaa

Tukde Tuke Ho Gaya Tha Har Sapna Jab Woh Toota He broke into pieces when every dream of his broke
Tukde Tuke Ho Gaya Tha Aa Aaa Aa
Tukde Tuke Ho Gaya Tha Har Sapna Jab Woh Toota
Bhikre Tukdon Mein Allah Ki Marzi Ka Manzar Paayega It is only in the scattered pieces of your dreams that you will find the meaning of Allah's Will.

Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega

Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Kal Phir Aayega
Allah Ke Bande Hasde Allah Ke Bande

Monday, June 08, 2009

World T20 - A Review and Preview

Hi all

This is Rajesh friend of Subramani (chuppandi), I am back with one more article on cricket after the “Half way analysis on IPL”; this is time on the current World T20 ICC tournament. This is a review of the first two rounds in the group stage and a preview of the upcoming stages in the tournament.

Most importantly the qualification criterion of Pakistan in today’s game against the Dutch is also analyzed.


Two rounds in Group stage of the T20 world cup have come to an end yesterday.

Group A – India, Bangladesh, Ireland

As expected t20 champions have qualified to next round but has some niggles in the team and in the performances too, hope they rectify it before they face Ireland tomorrow. Ireland on the other end shut the door for Bangladesh with an upset win yesterday. One of the unexpected (upset win) which Bangladesh was doing these many years in the world tournaments but now they were at the receiving end.

Group D – New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland

Expected stuff, both the giants thrashed Scots and entered next round, but the game between them tomorrow speaks a lot for their momentum and supremacy in their group.

Group C – Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies

Group of death given the way for Hell to Australia the so called ODI champions who have been struggling over the past couple of years in terms of consistency in all forms of the game. Mendis magic did upset for Australia yesterday and the Gayle raw power on the other day. So survival test was easily passed by Sri Lankans and Windies. Its all about points and score to carry forward for the next game, literally, their Super Eight stage starts from tomorrow itself when they face each other.

Group B – Pakistan, England, Netherlands

What to turn around within a couple of days, Dutch beat English who then was considered as out of the tournament as Pakistanis were in good form and yesteryear’s runner up tag, but england’s win against Pakistan put back in the groove for England who qualified for next round irrespective of the result on today’s match.

What Pakistan needs to do inorder to qualify for the next round?

Pakistan need to win by a margin of 24.5 (25) runs or by a minimum run rate difference of 1.225. For example, if Pakistan bat first putting a score of 160, then they need to restrict Dutch for 135 runs or if Dutch scoring 160 or 140, Pakistan need to chase within 17.1overs or 17.0overs respectively. So minimum of 3overs spare is required for Pakistan if they chase down a total.


Super Eight

Due to some upsets the super eight may lack some firepower and glamour. How the teams stack up in the next round irrespective of their ranks in the group stage?

Group E India England West Indies South Africa

Group F New Zealand Sri Lanka Ireland Pakistan/Netherland

Group E is tougher comparatively where India is placed. So it will be a good contest to watch group E matches than the other group. But irrespective of the results, the teams in group E has tougher opponents from now on, even in semis, where as Group F has relatively a smooth one to the semis.

With passion for Cricket

Rajesh Kumar R

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fake IPL Player has revealed - he has exposed himself in his new video

Fake IPL Player has revealed himself in his latest post. persumably his last.

Fake IPL Player has decided to reveal himself to the realms of the world (See the link above). He still claims to be an insider as he has not revealed his full face yet his silhouette along with his voice has raised eyebrows of many.

I felt like I was watching an Afred hitchcock masterpiece or Sixth Sense or The prestige or the usual suspects that has a MIND CHILLING suspense that makes u glued to your seats. He is an absolute entertainer as he says the KKR's are !!!!!!!

Its like a movie in which every second is a master piece and you don't want that movie to end. While watching the video I beet one would feel as scared as they'd have seen any spine chillers. 

It takes BALLS OF STEEL to do what he has done and he still marches a bit close in every post of his ultimate exposing. 

Though it raises several names and co-releates to lot of personalities it is however still not convincive as to who he really is.. and is he really an insider. It is all left to be seen. Until then as he claims he is still a shadow play or as his name suggests, fake IPL player...

As he says... Kabi alvida na kehana... Cheerz guyz...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

IPL Analysis

Guest blogger Rajesh  Kumar's contribution. I had always thought this guy has something in him that he is yet to show the world. His passion for Cricket is extraordinary. Unfortunately not his temperament. When things are not going in his way it shows. barring which he is a spectacular person, an ardent rider and a fantastic person to be with. Hope he'll start his own blog someday as i still am insisting with. Enough babbling, back to buisness guyz... Over to Rajesh.
He can be reached at

As the IPL second season is nearing its finale… It’s a question of whose gonna crab the semifinal spot. With their solidarity and consistency Delhi Daredevils has confirmed their berth to play the semis, as Sehwag saying after the win against Deccan chargers “we will be paid $50,000 for each win”, that’s a big boost for a win GMR holdings giving to the team, its all the due respect for the team’s commitment in the field. As half of the table is left with only two more matches (leaving out Kolkata with 11 matches) and their final grab is not too far but too tough.


Points Table








Delhi Daredevils







Chennai Super Kings







Rajasthan royals







Deccan Chargers







Royal Challengers Bangalore







Mumbai Indians







Kings XI Punjab







Kolkata Knight Riders








Individual Team analysis


Delhi Daredevils

            Having played only 10 matches, they are topping the table, with no doubts for their position in the semis, the need to carry the momentum just to keep up the morale of the team.


Chennai Super Kings

            After the loss against Bangalore, Chennai are in a little trouble to grab a spot in the semis, but it’s not too far as they still have three matches to play and with good run rate in their cards. They play against Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata knight riders the teams at the bottom but any upset against these teams will give a huge set back to the Men in Yellow, but one win will hand a berth at semis. But a team with 5wins on the trot has to regroup and come with a bang against Mumbai on Saturday to finish off in style and not to drag to the final day to see the light for the knock out stage. Poor fielding and middle order debacle are the big worries for this team.


Rajasthan Royals

            The defending champions proved that they are one of the strong contenders for the title with a last ball win against Mumbai last day. Commitment, team work, shrewd captaincy all in one place gives the edge for this team, but inconsistency and poor batting being the worries, they need to work on these areas to carve their names on the trophy once again. One win will cement the place in the semis but playing against top ranked consistent Delhi and bottom ranked Kolkata which is aiming for a win for pride should be concerns. Loss against Delhi will put the team in trouble and a must win situation in the last game against Kolkata


Deccan Chargers

            Winning 4 matches on the trot, and losing the last game of on the verge of win shows the inconsistency of the team which relies mostly on Gilchrist starts, they need to regroup quickly to earn a place in semis. Major worries being the inconsistent batting form of the middle order which was bolstered by the addition of Symonds, but the fielding on the last match was not up to the mark. This team also playing against Kolkata and kings XI Punjab (low ranked in the table) but have to win any one which is also a concern as opponents are aiming wins for pride. Having three matches and placed in 4th position there is no talk of complacency for this team, as the resurgence of Bangalore being a concern for them who are placed very next to them in the tables with equal points. If Deccan losing the next two matches to Kolkata and Punjab, it will be a must win game for them against Bangalore on the last league match which Gilchrist and co. wont like.


Royal Challengers Bangalore

            New resurgent team which ended up in the bottom of the table last year will aim for big turn around this season with two tough matches to be played against Delhi and Deccan. But the in-form Taylor has a say for this team to enter the semis, if they win against Delhi, Deccan will be in trouble and this team also won’t like to drag till the last game. Top order is being the worry for this team, captain Kumble and coach Jennings would have an eye on their current run rate. They will sure expect Deccan to lose one game at least and a win for them against Delhi which will put both the teams on the last day clash to grab a spot in semis.


Mumbai Indians

            Having talked as one of the favorites at the start of this season, this team has let down themselves from there. Only two games in the chart against tougher opponents Chennai and Delhi, their spot on semis looks meager. They may not need a miracle for a turnover and Sachin, Amre, Pollock and co will expect Deccan, Bangalore and Rajasthan to lose their games against their respective opponents.


Kings XI Punjab

            Huge expectation, good start, low performance and inconsistency, close finish games ending with losses are the tags for this team. Three games against tougher teams (Delhi, Deccan, Chennai) giving a least chance for this team to semis but wins in the rest of the games may have huge say in the table as well which will be big upsets for the near contenders for the semis. This team has the potential to do that. Being positive and committed in the field, most of all good bowling could give this team an edge for the top spots.


Kolkata Knight Riders

            This team cannot make to the semis, but their comeback in the last game is remarkable, poor performances in batting, fielding & bowling are being the concern for them since the start of this season, but somehow got back in the batting in the last match, but not fully from the other two depts. Their wins against Deccan, Chennai, and Rajasthan may but their opponents in big trouble for the semifinals berth.



Rajesh Kumar R

Rebirth is uncertain, enjoy each moment of this Life.