Sunday, October 25, 2009

N on Track !!!!

Phew !!! What an eventful week it was...

I literally had no time to look behind.. have been sleeping hardly enough (4hrs a day). I have never felt so far in my life that 24 hrs. a day isn't enough at all... Not even during the examination days. Guess if one had to work like this he'll die of chronic failures of all of his senses one after another. However the days were interesting as well with loads of activities, lots of planning and lots more of work.

Guess the coming week would be much more eventful as well if not the same as we get closer to the deadline but the thing is that its not us but the target that is closing-in on us. Whatever it is, this week will answer us all that are we really the ones who could do things.

Just to give you all a glimpse of what is it that we are upto, i'd borrow our top man's description of what we really are upto.

"You ppl are in a 20-20 cricket match in which you'll have to strike 22+12 runs in the last over. But its just that the match has already been over a month ago and you ppl are still swaying your bats saying that you'll accomplish things, come what may...."

Well it just gives you guyz a glimpse of sheer enormity of the task-at hand, we've been asked to give it a try even if it means that the match has already over. Afterall the match has to be played for someone to win !!! And the last over still had to be bowled if it has to be over !!!...

I guess that is where we stand now... After a week of having been assigned within to accomplish come what may, though we all have the apprehensions that how could this be done after all ?? we've decided to steer through to see if we could make a difference... A difference to the world out there, to ourselves and for no one else.... For i believe life is not about standing safe and watching things but is all about getting hurt a million times and then at the end you'd only say Wow... What a ride !!!

But what would obviously hurt at the end is that all these will eventually be credited to those select few who have been groomed to be like whatever they are. 

That apart i guess we are gaining some momentum. Seriously... I guess we are keeping up the run-rate. If only we could manage the same and could step up a few time at the later days of the week, i guess we'd have done justice to ourselves and to the organization. I was very much thrilled and excited at the excitement this has given us whether the other are enjoying or not. 

Something in me tells me strongly that we have finally arrived... and i hope i could still motivate all my fellow warriors to stay put and fight bravely to win it for ourselves...

I can see the gush of optimism that is now flowing within ourselves. If only we do things like these we'd realize our true ability. May our will's win this for us.

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