Thursday, April 26, 2012


Three more days is all I have.

Here I am languishing like a brat.. in full of deplorable and inexorable state..

Guess i've made a huge mess out of myself... For I had the choices with-in me aplenty paying a big tribute to my slothful life

All my dreams have gone so huge as they now look staggeringly unsurmountable... Like the way these twenty-twenty matches happens at times when the asking rate goes on rather disarrayed multitudes that are so improbable to score even given that all the legal deliveries are scored for a maximum...

Not that I haven't seen it coming. I've been trying to ward off the perilous happening all the while. The only way I could've done that is by showing some real acrion which I gravely lacked.

Having all but no chance to stop the inevitable from happening. I've got to give-in to the life's demand driven by social ire...

Yep... Three days is all I have before my life draws close to the world of my dreams, delusions rather tumultuous and designed to fail.

Hope I could do with the changes all of which set to follow for I had to change course and steer through from the insipid, placid lake to a place of high current. It could be the wild roaring river from a waterfall or rather be the infinite ocean's pulsating waves.

Life can take you to places it wishes to if you let it drive on its own after getting carried away with all those delusions. For I have absolutely no HOPE whatsoever now of getting anywhere than an ordinary man can get to.

To all those fortunate souls out there, I the hapless soul, slothy SOAB hereby concede my DEFEAT to LIFE... THE GREATEST PREDATOR OF MANKIND....