Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gandhian Era II - Evidence by a swiss magazine on rajiv's swiss assets, On looting the county

This might quite be old but i really wonder how it went quite un-noticed by any of the mainstream media that boasts on every non-sense they call as news (atleast not a news that i've heard of). The editorials too have been quite over-boasting to every developments expressing either cynical or rather titillating.

It really makes us wonder what are we working for. What these politicians are hiding that they could fool around with crores of people feebly hoping to make out a future for their country with whatever is left with. Is it fair to say that the post gandhian era has been looted by the un-gandhian gandhi family. Well i dont wanna say much about the gandhian era for i hardly believed the motif of the man's vision.

Does it really matter who fights for attention towards revealing the identities of those who have invested in banking safe heavens... it hardly matters whether Anna Hazare, Ramdev, Bushan's or Bedi's or whoever for that matter fights for the cause. The crux of the matter is we have tainted people ruling us and it hardly matters of what gradient they were. They need not recognise the civil society for whatever reason they might say like which one of them is tainted... anna is using luxury hotels, ramdev has a fortune at hand and luxury houses worth crores at some exotic locations, Bushan has vouched for several false cases etc., do they ever care to look back at them?? as to how many folds their property and income has increased from one term to another of their MP's, Ministers .

Well there is a saying in tamil. "Unless the thief himself decides to reform himself it cannot be extirpated". Its highly unlikely that the modern day thiefs sitting on the top echelons would ask for the details even the swiss might consider giving.

This could only favor the recoup of sorts thats emerging of late around the world where people have demonstrated they can change regimes if they think they've had enough. whether its in the form of representatives of the civil society or by some other means, a new revolution will soon emerge and will change for the change that is inevitatble.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Solving the 4x4x4 Cube - The Rubik Revenge - New Obsession

Solving the Rubik Revenge has become a new obsession. Thanks to Murali for importing one for me (For free ofcourse :) )  

While I must admit that I still am trying to perfect my skills and that i could only accidentally arrive at the solution after trying different combinations for atleast half-an-hour, its really a wonderful and exciting step ahead much more that one could get solving a beginners 3x3x3.

I had taught many of my pals to use an easier algorithm based on patterns and orientations. I would soon post  my very own algorithm for solving a 3x3x3 aka algo-de-chuppandi. It feels really weary to prepare a documentation of sorts. I approach the given scrambled cube in the form of a 3cube matrix. starting from orienting to transpose layer-via-layer. This way one could get to the solution quite quickly. However it would seem all very complex with lots of moves. 

Now Rubik revenge is an entirely different game altogether. I kinda vaguely remembered I had read somewhere a professor I Ching had similar structure at hand when he had to transpose DNA segments when arranged in the form of a three dimensional matrix. In cond-mat/0204078, too they've tried to re-orgenize the cubes in a spacial nodes with particular application to binary sequences of length six of the general concept of sequence-space, first introduced in coding theory by Hamming. 
a six-dimensional hypercube

It also makes us wonder how the nature points us ways of solving things that could be far complex to comprehend by a human mind..

Well sorry for yet another boring subject guyz. If you sure are not able to catch what i was just balbberring just wait for my next video and documentation on solving a hyper cube of any size. 

Now for the record thatz me with my cube... intolerable ain't it... :)

And thatz how i keep my desk... :)