Saturday, June 25, 2011

Solving the 4x4x4 Cube - The Rubik Revenge - New Obsession

Solving the Rubik Revenge has become a new obsession. Thanks to Murali for importing one for me (For free ofcourse :) )  

While I must admit that I still am trying to perfect my skills and that i could only accidentally arrive at the solution after trying different combinations for atleast half-an-hour, its really a wonderful and exciting step ahead much more that one could get solving a beginners 3x3x3.

I had taught many of my pals to use an easier algorithm based on patterns and orientations. I would soon post  my very own algorithm for solving a 3x3x3 aka algo-de-chuppandi. It feels really weary to prepare a documentation of sorts. I approach the given scrambled cube in the form of a 3cube matrix. starting from orienting to transpose layer-via-layer. This way one could get to the solution quite quickly. However it would seem all very complex with lots of moves. 

Now Rubik revenge is an entirely different game altogether. I kinda vaguely remembered I had read somewhere a professor I Ching had similar structure at hand when he had to transpose DNA segments when arranged in the form of a three dimensional matrix. In cond-mat/0204078, too they've tried to re-orgenize the cubes in a spacial nodes with particular application to binary sequences of length six of the general concept of sequence-space, first introduced in coding theory by Hamming. 
a six-dimensional hypercube

It also makes us wonder how the nature points us ways of solving things that could be far complex to comprehend by a human mind..

Well sorry for yet another boring subject guyz. If you sure are not able to catch what i was just balbberring just wait for my next video and documentation on solving a hyper cube of any size. 

Now for the record thatz me with my cube... intolerable ain't it... :)

And thatz how i keep my desk... :)

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