Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Download KUSELAN songs

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Move your body to charge your phone

There are several ways in which a person can capture natural energy. Forget using wind, the sun, tides, and geothermal activity — you can use your own body to produce energy to charge all sorts of electrical devices.

Orange, a music company, and GotWind, a firm specializing in renewable energy, have teamed up to create a device named the Dance Charge. Dance Charge weighs 180 grams and you strap it around your arm. Dance Charge then uses the kinetic energy generated by your body in motion to charge up whatever you have connected to it.

The neat contraption also uses a system of weights and magnets to produce electric current to top up the storage battery. A prototype of the device was shown and tested at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Noah: High Performance Personal Vehicle

Designer Andrei Fraça’s has created Noah, a high performance vehicle that looks like a unicycle. However, on closer examination, it can be seen that there are actually two tires mounted on a tandem. Noah’s basic design is meant to have a human driving and controlling it. It is controlled by the person leaning forward, backwards, or side to side. These factors control acceleration, braking, and turning. Everything is done without pedals or buttons. The tires act as stabilizers for the vehicle through turns as they shift up and down against one another to give more control to the driver. Zoom on!

No corkscrew?

Next time I don’t have a corkscrew I’m going to give this way to open a bottle a try.

Matt Wilson is the photographer that decided to make a guy hit himself in the head with a bottle and take a photo of it.

Einstein’s Energy Bar is “Relatively Delicious!”

Einstein’s Energy Bar claims to be “Relatively Delicious!”. It also notes that the real meaning of e=mc^2 is; Energy equals Mouth watering Chocolatey goodness, squared. Other than chocolate I have no clue what else is in one of these bars.

Braun reminds us to cut our nose hair

Braun is running the following ads for its nose hair trimmer.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Campaign, Düsseldorf, Germany.

To See is to feel....

She gently held the cup of strong coffee with her fingers and sat on the chair beside the window and looked out. A gentle zephyr blew the hair out of fair and she rattled a little feeling the chillness creep down her body. She drew her knees close to her body in response and took a sip of the bitter coffee enjoying its ubiquitous aroma.
She saw kids playing with a stray pup that tried to yelp and wriggle out of the plump boy's fingers, but he seemed to be having a tight grip. She empathized with the pup. She looked beyond, an old couple were holding hands and trying to cross the road. She saw love in their grasp. A smile escaped her lips and a sip of the coffee spread warmth into her system. She gazed leftwards and spotted the vegetable vendor pushing his cart. She saw desperation in his eyes to sell the last of his tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages and capsicums. She saw watchmen with scarves and monkey caps around their heads strutting about the apartments chasing the annoying salesmen away from the gates. Another sip burnt her insides. She saw young lads on bicycles being weighed down by the weight of their backpacks. The sweat of perseverance and tiredness. The cup was empty atlast.
She imagined the vehicles honk and roll past, the birds chirp, the kids screaming in delight, the vegetable vendor's voice, the rhythmic sound of the rustic cycle chains, the quarrel between the watchman and the sales rep and a lot more of the unheard voices in the moribund city life.Life is so different when you have to imagine the sounds of life and don't possess the hearing perception.

Unadulterated Love

It was just another day in June. But the heat was not showing any signs of abatement. Dressed casually in a comfortable t shirt and a pair of jeans that badly needed washing, a pair of running shoes that had seen better days and a completely worn out Ferrari cap, Nimesh looked nothing more pompous than the boy next door.
The traffic was not improving things either. He braked, accelerated, braked again, changed lanes only to find the one he left to be less congested. After driving at snail's pace for what seemed like eons, the signal came. He adjusted the cap on his head as if pulling it further down his forehead would shield him from the blazing sun. Popping his knuckles, he gave a furtive glance at the rear view mirror.
Niranjana was a girl who didn't know much about the outside world. Her world comprised only of Nimesh and sitting on the pillion behind him today, made her feel as if there was nothing more she could want from life. She just wished, he would keep going and the ride never stop. She didn't care about the sun that was tanning her fair unblemished skin. She didn't care about the traffic, the end of which would in result her early separation from him. He was her guardian angel and she wanted him to be around forever.
The signal blinked to green, and Nimesh sped towards their destination for the day. Exactly 3 minutes later, he parked his bike in front of the building and she gingerly disembarked from the pillion. With tears brimming in her eyes, he half-carried her till the gate and saw his baby sister walk in to her first primary school. Now he had to go and hunt for a present to give her later in the evening when his arm would be wound with the sacred thread of Rakhi. He was a proud brother !