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This is a short story written in Tamil ( South-Indian Language by someone). I decided to post it on the net in the context of how people become devotees easily. With so much noise about Sai Baba on the net, I guess this story will give the glimpse of our society which seeks Godmen and finds them everywhere. There's no place like India where you can become a holy man overnight, if you play your cards right. I have written this story in a completely plagiarized version since it's entirely from my memory. I read this short story long ago. So do not expect a perfect presentation from me. It is not a line to line translation either.

THE GODMAN IN THE CROWD (Original story in tamil by someone)

The afternoon sun scorched his back as he turned around from his sleep. Saliva oozed out of his mouth and dripped on the floor. He just lifted his head and looked around himself. His thigh itched. He reached out and scratched until he was perfectly satisfied. The thin dog on the street watched his movements at a safe distance. No one seemed to take notice of him. Radio blared from a nearby shop. Bicycles whirred past on the dirt road. Somebody was unloading goods from a cart into a grocery shop. It was, in all, a quiet afternoon. He sat up. His eyes were reddish. He didn't seem
particularly interested in anything.

No one knew who he was and where he came from. No one cared either. Everyone treated him like one of the garbage piles lying on the street. They didn't bother to even look at him when he competed with street dogs to eat from food stuff thrown on the street. He seemed calm. He looked like a worriless man. If he smiled at anyone, no one even looked in his direction. He also didn't care what others thought of him or how others treated him. The village women realized his ogling eyes when they bathed in the nearby pond, green with years of stagnant water. He sometimes went there to drink water. He loved exposing his interior to any woman who went by and would smile at the sight of them cursing him. He didn't care if his clothes were on him or not while he slept.

There were no fixed routines in his daily life. If he was hungry, he'd seek food. If he felt itchy, he'd scratch himself. His main passion was collecting left over beedis (tobacco) on the street. He'd go to the shop and try to light the beedi in the lamp that hangs on the wall, when the shop owner didn't pay attention to him. Otherwise, the shop owner would drive him out with the same aversion that he showed on the street dogs. He'd beg sometimes. People didn't even know if he could talk. He was living at this place for a long time.

It was one of those afternoons when he felt something around him. He opened his eyes slightly and looked up. There he was standing with all humbleness. He was looking directly at him. It was irritating to be watched at close quarters like that.

"What are you looking at?"

"Swami," said the new fellow, "I work at that temple over there. For years I have been searching for the truth of life. I have seen you many times here. Last night you came to me in my dream and offered your darshan. You commanded me to be here today. So here I am at your service"

"What?" he thought to himself. Who is this guy? The truth of life? I came in his dream? What for?

"How did I look in your dream?"

"Swami, there are no words to describe it. I know you are testing me. I was overwhelmed by the aura of holiness around you. I can still see that now. Please, accept this poor soul as your disciple. I know that you'll guide me. In fact, your image has been coming often in my mind for several years. Only when I saw you here sometime ago it began to make sense. I know that you have renounced everything and living a life that no one around will notice of. But a true bhakta knows his master"

"Oh, my God," he thought, as he scratched his back. "Really, if I am your master, you will do anything that I command, right?"

"Absolutely my master! anything you command is a hidden lesson for me. It is my job to intrepret it"

"Good" he said and pondered for a while. "Can you get me a single tea?"

The man ran immediately. In minutes he was back with a cup of tea. He handed it carefully with all devoutness to his master.

He couldn't believe what was going on now. His hands trembled as he picked up the tea from this disciple's hands. "Am I really a saint?" he thought as he sipped the fresh tea. His heart filled with joy as he had a really genuine tea in years. He looked at this man. As soon as he looked at him, the disciple lowered his eyes to the ground. He didn't look up.

"Why are you looking for the truth?" he asked.

The disciple was taken aback by this sudden question. "Well, there is this drive in me which screams in my ears all the time to go in that direction. I know that I can't get there without any guidance. I knew long ago that God will give me a guru someday. Today is the greatest day in my life. I am definitely blessed to find you. Your aura drew me to this town. I began to work here in this temple. And your aura told me `you idiot, don't you
realize I am so close to you?'. How stupid of me it is not to realize your presence for so long?"

"Hmm.." he mumbled. He didn't say a word after that. He looked up at his new disciple again. He was bald and fat. He must have been in his early forties. He had a bright vibhuti strip on his forehead. He wore ear rings. He looked clean. "I command you now to sell off your rings. How much are they?"

"They are worth about a hundred rupees swami"

"Sell them and bring the money to me. And on the way, get me a masala dosa, four idlis and the hot chutney from College Cafe (pronounced cafay)"

The disciple didn't say a word. He ran immediately. "Well" thought our man. "What have I got for myself! Someone who wants to serve me for no cost. Why should I worry if I gave him a darshan in his dream? As long he brings me what I want, it's alright. Let us run the show as long as it lasts". He got up and slowly walked towards the pond.

When he returned, the disciple was back. He had brought everything he asked for. He gave all the money humbly to his new guru.

"I am impressed" said the guru. "You will reach the truth a lot faster than you think. If anyone shows perfect submission to his teacher, he reaches enlightenment quickly"

The disciple faithfully nodded his head and put his hands as though he is worshipping him. The guru relished everything in a few minutes. He was perfectly satisfied. "AhA" said the disciple, as the guru burped in satisfaction. Then without even be asked, he reached down and began to massage the guru. For a moment the guru was taken aback by shock. But he didn't want to show it. So far, he has only the memories of being driven away by any human being. It felt good as the disciple massaged him. People on the street began to see this strange incident. They were getting more and more puzzled at the sight of this. The guru wanted to impress his disciple more.

"You see this world around you?"

"Yes master"

"Nothing is permanent. Everyone will go one day"

"Chchch.. How true?"

"That is the first realization" his voice trembled as he said that. Though he was enjoying all this, there was a guilty feeling building in him. He was forming a lump at his throat. The perfect devotion of this disciple seemed to make him a lot more uncomfortable. Something in his ears told him that he doesn't deserve all these. Suddenly there was a feeling of sitting on a bed of nails.

"Did you say something sir?" asked the disciple obediently.

"Me, no. Nothing at all" His face began to perspire. "Well, go to the temple today and stay there. Come tomorrow"

"Immediately sir". He left without a word. The guru felt alright, now that this character was away from him. What's going on? The shop keeper seemed to notice all this. Suddenly there was this feeling of being watched by everyone. Until now, he had got used to being ignored by all. He had grown comfortable in that feeling.

He didn't move at all from there and fell asleep. In the morning, he was woken up by someone sweeping the floor. He looked up and saw this disciple cleaning the place. Soon he brought a bucket full of water and sprinkled it on the ground. The guru didn't understand all this. The disciple ran after seeing his guru wake up. Soon he was with some food and milk. "Take this swami, this is from the temple"

He watched his guru eat calmly with all devotion. "I have a question in my mind, swami? I know you are the only one who can answer that"

"Oh my God" thought the guru. - What have I got myself into? He has questions now. I should have known before itself.
"Well, what is your question?"

"Swami, why are souls transmigrating from one birth to another?"

Transmigrating? From one birth to another? What do I say now? I was minding my own business. Why did this guy have to come from nowhere? - He looked at himself. For a moment he forgot about this question. His shabby clothes looked out of place here, after the disciple cleaned out everything. I need new clothes.

"New clothes" mumbled the guru


"Nothing. I said new clothes" - What I am supposed to tell this guy now?

"AhA? What a wonderful and precise answer?" admired the disciple

The guru was baffled by this reaction - Have I said anything stupid? What I did I say?

"I got the meaning swami. The soul sheds bodies as though one would shed his old clothes. AhA! I am with a paramatma (great soul)"

Really? How come I don't realize that I am a paramatma? - He wondered. - I wanted to tell him that I need new clothes. But should I tell him now? No, not after what he has understood - The guru became quite nervous now. What more is he going to interpret. He needed a tea badly. "Can you get me another tea?"

The disciple ran and was back with a cup of tea. "Go get me a good beedi and match box". There was no reaction. The disciple brought a bunch of beedis and a match box - Man, I am the luckiest man in this world - he thought - I have an absolute idiot at my disposal.

"Did you say idiot, maharaj?" asked the disciple.

Did I say idiot? I didn't even notice it. I must be careful from now on - he warned himself again.

"No, I didn't say anything like that"

"Of course, I am an idiot swami" said the disciple. "I am doing my best to learn from every word you utter. When you said idiot, you obviously meant that I have wasted all my life for mundane matters"

Is that so? I really didn't mean any of it - he said within himself. Should I ask him to leave me? I am perfectly happy with the food I get on the street. May be I should tell him that he is fooling himself. How can I stop this? I am getting uncomfortable slowly.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable swamiji?" enquired the disciple. "Ofcourse, you are uncomfortable. How stupid of me it is not to have noticed it? I'll make you comfortable soon. Please offer your golden feet to me. Let me massage them"

"No, go away. I don't need you now"

"Please, swamiji. Allow this humble being at your feet. I have been longing all my life to be your slave. God has sent me to you to be at your service"

The guru sighed. He didn't say anything. Time went on. The disciple came everyday and began to clean up the place, massage his guru, grasp and interpret all pearls of wisdom that accidentally came out of his guru's mouth. A Shakti photograph was placed there soon by the disciple. The guru now had new clothes on. He was cleaned and bathed everyday by his devotee. Vibhuti appeared on his forehead soon. The disciple believed strongly that his guru meditated, when he actually slept. Though he hated sleeping in a seated position, he didn't want the disciple to mistake him. Soon he realized that
he was beginning to rely on his disciple for everything. He couldn't do without him.

Days went on. The guru, though extremely uncomfortable with all these, began to entertain this as long as it all lasted. One day, the disciple brought an old man who too looked at him all obedience. Another disciple? They both competed with each other to serve him. They interpreted anything that he blurted now. They followed him wherever he went. The street began to notice all these changes. People who drove him away began to sense guilt in their hearts. The shop keeper was the worst affected by it all. He began to repent in his heart that he never realized that he was indeed in the vicinity of a great sadhu (saint) who disguised himself like a mendicant. How was he going to pay for all the illtreatment he had meted out to him? He began to hear people talk about this saint. One of the customers said that he sensed long ago that this man was not an ordinary man. There was something special about him.

Soon people began to arrive at this "holy place". There were even rumors floating around that if his eyes fell on them around sunset time, their troubles vanished. "Chaya baba" as he was now called, became famous around the place. People admired his simplicity and his ability maintain holiness. People began to offer tea and beedis now, since the baba liked them. His disciples strictly controlled everything around him with utmost devotion. They put all their faith in him. A Hundi was placed in front of his "residence". Chaya Baba now began to get really nervous. He was not enjoying any of this.
He wanted to fall at his disciple's feet and confess to him that he was no holy man. But he was being overwhelmed by the crowd that began to throng at his place. Donations were now being collected in the local bus stand to build a temple and ashram there.

One morning the disciple found the swami missing. They looked for him all around the town. He was gone. His beedis were gone too. The disciple began to scream and cry. There was a silence at that place as the news spread.

"Swamiji,what sin did we commit?" cried his devotees. "Why did you leave these poor souls?"

But the guru never came back. They have a Shakti temple now at that place. People still go there to offer their prayers and tell their grivances. The disciples live there, guarding the premises with all faith and obedience. Chaya Baba's blessings are always believed to be there. They are saying that he left this world as his time had come. It seems no one sees the bodies of such sadhus when their souls leave their bodies. They just vanish into thin air. But everyone still believes that the swami blesses them if they pray to him. They still offer beedis there and a cup of tea is placed as an offering every morning.

So what is my character?

This is a introspective analysis I am doing for quite sometime. Theoritically I thrive to be brainy, kind, generous and caring... but I wonder if I am all that.

I can say I am Kind, but really, AM I? For I am indeed kind to the people who speak sweet and are friendly, but not to the people who hurt me, or divulge with my line of thought. A harsh word thrown at me, sees a harsh word back.

Am I kind? NO. I just act as a mere mirror which reflects the person interacting with me. He smiles at me, I smile back. He hates me, I hate him more. Kindness is not my Character, but a feeling based on the circumstances around me.

Atleast I am generous. I have helped my neighbours and wait patiently for them to repay it. Er... I still feel I am generous, though I failed to help ppl many a times. Hey, is generosity not expecting anything in return. Did I fail?

I think so... since it is for the same reason I don't help people begging on the road or genuine destitutes. I just help people near and dear to me, and more important, people whom I am sure will repay me somehow. Generosity is not my character but a means of helping people, whose help I seek eventually. But some part of me is still generous like i've never hesitated to donate blood whenever i was asked by someone... I've even done some voluntary donations at times..

Hmm... surely I am not caring then. Ofcourse I run errands for my mother, I thought that would earn me that virtue. Did no kind of voluntary work ,given clothes or money to the poor or atleast stop haggling for minutes with the person selling water mellon on the road, for one and two rupees, not thinking of his life and the family he needs to support. Caring is not my character but an illusion to help myself.

There is so much to do in this world, to my fellow humans, who are a spark from the same flame as I am... but all I thought about for so long was ME. Maybe I do have a character to call myself... Selfish!

Well thats anothing i wish i could change.... Oh god give me a break...

Certainly not the end.

Poem in a Paragragraph...

Climbed over a heap of Bones
Reached the top and looked down
Found bloody footprints,
And a scarred soul............

Poem in a Paragragraph...

In the CITY that never sleeps
Beast whispers to the Beauty
"If you sell your soul to the Devil,
You are bound to get burnt".


Well this article is due for a long time sleeping in draft fearing any misconception. I dont really know if i had even posted it before... even if so, herez it...

Surveys amongst the people of Russia had been revealing for quite some time that the Russians feel that they were better off before the dismantling of the former USSR. The loss of global pride being perhaps the biggest loss. Finally Vladimir Putin too has come out in the open and regretted the breaking down of the former USSR. For the world it is indeed a landmark admission. Given the past might of USSR and its unparalleled role in protecting world peace in the bi-polar cold war era, for quite some time, one could realise Putin's growing discomfort with the current Russian status in world politics. However the realisation comes far too late and the process is irreversible i.e. the former USSR can't be revived.

At a similar time, leading thinkers across the world are also becoming more conclusive about the need for a balancing power in world politics today, to counter the complete one sided domination of the smoke 'em out variety being carried out by the US under the cowboy regime of George Bush. However, having seen the dangers of one nation dominating all others, this balancing equation that many in the civilized world are in search of can no more (and should no more) be provided by an individual nation in what can be called, a new world economic and military order.

A new order where every act (either in the name of globalisation or in the name of global peace) is being redefined and justified to suit the interest of one nation-the US. A new order where one man is allowed to go scot free after bombing multiple countries by supplying false information to the rest of the world through its powers of media manipulation. A new order where one man is allowed to go ahead with his war plans time and again without the sanctions of the United Nations (which today looks like a defunct and powerless international body). A new order where some acts of terrorism are worse than other similar and often larger acts of terrorism...
Some innocent lives are more innocent than others (belonging to poorer countries)... Some countries have a greater right to violate UN orders than others... some countries have a greater right of making nuclear weapons for their protection than others and in the name of world peace they also have a greater right of bombing other countries especially if they are not a part of the developed capitalist world. In this new (post USSR) world order, power is not flowing solely out of the barrel of the gun but getting more dependent on the economic might of a country. And in this new world order; Peace, civilized co-existence and fair-play can be assured only if the balancing opponents of the US have a combined economic might that is strong enough to rival that of the US.

European Union, the far more civilized face of the west, could have been an alternative specially with the strong Euro but their lack of comparable military might and historical bent towards the US specially with the NATO in place, rules them out. On the other hand Russia still holds the balance of military might and though, Putin might be feeling helpless about the dismantling of the USSR, in this globalized world of alliances, one often has to find solutions beyond boundaries. Russia by virtue of its past as well as present military might is destined to be the natural leader of this balancing alliance. Though by Gorbachev's own admission as well as CIA's documents USSR was already 40% of the American per capita income in terms of purchasing power parity in 1991; Over the years the breakdown of the USSR has made a huge dent in Russia's economic might. That is oneof the main reasons why in spite of an urge to put a determined front against the US on many grounds, Putin
mostly ends up bowing down.

If Putin is to bring back the lost pride of the Russians, through any alliance, India, its long standing ally, is its first hope. Despite UN's recent vision-less thumbs down, a permanent seat in the security council backed up by a determined Russian lobby could be a final seal of acceptance of India's unquestionable arrival as a global power to reckon with. While militarily India is not necessarily at par but by virtue of its economic future and present growing global stature as the next big thing, India, certainly is not a country that can be ignored or isolated any more. On its own today India stands tall. Its culture and history are its biggest strengths. Gandhi its biggest global brand, signifying the most civilized and futuristic ideology of non-violence in an otherwise constantly warring world and the Non-Aligned Movement being its leading global initiative. It shows all potentiality to be an equal future partner in a joint front even with a country like Russia, specially as the more approachable, flexible and democratic front. Its weakness being that it is still more a land of future promise than current achievements. Unfortunately, economically, it still has about 25 years more to go before reaching any standard of global respectability.

On the other hand, another of India's and Russia's neighbours, China, despite the capitalist worlds propaganda that it has still about five years to go before catching up with the US, in reality has already surpassed the American GDP in terms of purchasing power parity. The Chinese of course know it, and admit it within closed doors, but find it more convenient to rather accept the global propaganda as they find the underdog status to their favour in the international markets. They are branded as the worlds largest dictatorship yet they have all the democratic FDI from US and its allies flowing in. They are completely non caring about all US dictates yet the US wants to have good terms with them. After all; While the internal markets become saturated for the American companies, they see mind boggling potential in the ever growing Chinese market thanks to China's commitment to removing poverty and its people oriented policies of giving purchasing power to the people at the bottom of the pyramid. China, therefore, is the balancing economic might that Putin could be looking forward to.

While China has been mending ties with India (facilitated by growing economic benefits), past ego problems, however, have kept it away from their most natural ideological ally i.e. Russia. Of course the Chinese had to pay for it. In the absence of any natural guarantee of protection from the USSR (like India and most of the developing countries had during the cold war era), China had to invest heavily on defense; Not only to counter the threats from the imperialistic capitalist forces led by the US but also the unfriendly USSR, which in turn ended up eating into their initial growth rate. But China has matured over the years and learnt to play by the rules of the global world. While protecting its internal governance it has intelligently shifted towards the market on the economic front; Which in turn has given it the huge economic might of today. It will only be a more mature step for the steadly liberating China to realise that it is perhaps time to forget the past and work more closely with Russia for a greater global cause.

A cause which could be called the CIVILIZING CAUSE. The coming together of three of the mightiest countries in the world with each of them holding the key to future global markets (mind you, the capitalists don't bomb their own markets). The more humane and socialistic orientation of all the three nations binding them together ideologically and the fact that they are neighbours binding them emotionally. Three nations with a common orientation towards peace and protecting it and with no past record of compulsive global aggression.

Unlike the US, all the three countries are also great civilisations with strong historical and cultural forces giving them distinct identities. They don't form the likes of another G8, they make the unique C3 : THE CIVILIZING THREE. The coming together of three nations to have a civilizing effect on the greed driven, constantly warring, empty heads; With Russia representing the military might, China the economic might and India the power which flows out of the civilizing ideology of non-violence. And together they can be the new balancing force in this unipolar world of aggression at will. And, yes, they can't be termed an axis of evil. No; Not even by evil himself. Will Putin, Jintao and Manmohan Singh be the first to take the big step towards this inevitable alliance of great civilizations?

Some Words...

I have long way to go, but at least I am going !!!

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

My métier no more

The quick 3 minute ride in the elevator to the basement from the 94th storey paled in comparison to the arduous climb floor by floor – stair by stair he made to reach the place he called home for the past couple of years. He had a whole new world waiting for him, new horizons to explore, new trails to leave behind, a little apprehension and a whole lot of excitement, but he wasn’t on the 94th floor no more and it felt unfamilar.

I feel like that guy now as I try to stay afloat in a deluge of nostalgia I am besieged by. It was a passionate journey with fervent enthusiasm paving the way to where I felt I had found my true métier. The association may have been sudden but I asseverate I sure woolgathered long and hard about it . Each time I debated as a student upholding its monopolistic ways, each time I glanced at its founder’s signature on a xanthous piece of paper carefully tucked away in my wallet, each time I powered on my window to the world, I wanted to see myself inside it with a seething desire to be a spoke in the wheel that drove the entire industry. I can still smell the stench of accomplishment emanating from every pore of my skin when I knew I was finally there, to stay, the very first time, raring to take on my fraternity and come out a proud man.

The charm and the zest, however, dwindled with time as the ennui of work began to set in but it sure was an eventful ride, one that left me with bragging rights of having influenced, even if in miniscule proportions, a huge portion of humanity.

I am off the wagon now and for the good, pursuing something else which over time has become the fancy of my imagination but as I look back I feel strange realizing that I am yet to find my true métier after all.

Crux - The Nuclear Fiasco

Though India managed to survive the nuclear embargo imposed and perpetuated by the US via the IAEA and performed creditably, the shortage of nuclear fuel was proving detrimental to the country’s nuclear power program. Nuclear power plants in the country presently contribute a meager 3% of India’s total power and with 8 more reactors planned in addition to the 14 already operational we had to find better means to procure nuclear fuel. Fully aware of this requirement we were intensifying our efforts to scrounge for nuclear fuel within India and were already in talks with many a country of the erstwhile USSR which were beginning to see coherence in India’s demand for fuel especially when the country showed exemplary restraint and maturity when it came to handling and wielding its nuclear capabilities. A headway was definitely on the anvil.

In the midst of this battle for nuclear supremacy and central to this discussion is the stance of the United States towards India with respect to the country’s nuclear weapons program. US, notorious for its bigotry and nepotism, as evident in its support for Chinese communism as against USSR’s socialistic ideology and more recently its acknowledgement of Pakistan’s dictatorship while forcefully excising Iraq of its potentate, Saddam Hussein, was ruthless in its incrimination of India as a potential hazard to the world. A chesty nation characterized by a haughty attitude, America is never known to have rescinded its international policies towards any country but to pursue its vested interests or appropriate valuable resources, the Afghanistan-Iraq fiasco being a good example. Though the current nuclear deal (yet to become formal) appears to be a blessing in disguise to the nuclear fuel strapped India, especially at a time when the Indo-American relationship in the information technology sphere is touching new heights, I am skeptical. America seems to have killed two birds with a single pact, firstly creating overwhelming goodwill in India as being the savior angel to alleviate India’s nuclear woes but more importantly and stealthily gaining the long coveted access to India’s nuclear fortress once thought impregnable. Though the pact allows only selective nuclear reactors, those which India plans to use wholly for the generation of nuclear power for civilian purposes to be under IAEA observation, it doesn’t take too much thinking for me to be convinced that India’s vulnerable bureaucracy and corrupt scientific machinery are too inveigling for tactful America to engage in their recce missions to obtain key secrets about India’s nuclear weapons program to be fueled by the fast-breeder nuclear reactors not under IAEA supervision. Furthering my apprehension is the fact that it is not America but France which is most likely to be benefited by the pact in terms of technology transfer. Also Australia and Kazakhstan will be the biggest gainers as a nuclear fuel trade partners. I have something screaming inside of me which says that there sure is more than what meets eye.

The current situation reminds me of the canine sniffer force that is an integral part of the American president’s security arrangements. Each dog is allotted a separate room in a five star hotel and is to be strictly adverted to as sergeant only. The dogs themselves may feel special despite the fact that they are leashed, thinking the officer who accompanies them has his hand latched to the leash after all, making him as much fettered as they are. But doesn’t everyone in the camp know, who the lieutenant is and who the Labrador!! As the American president takes off on his Air Force 1, overjoyed by his latest triumph do I see one more canine in his sniffer squad, "Sergeant India"?

Mind Matters or rather Mind and Matters

Caveat: Reader discretion advised.
He who jerks off every night thinking about knocking a nipper is no paedophile, she chomps on her breadsticks assuming they were the fingers of her best friend at school, she is no cannibal, he who plots the most torturous death of his colleague at work is not homicidal, she derives immense pleasure from the sad plight of her distraught pal but is no sadist for these people feed their dark phantasies in a world inaccessible to anyone, their minds.
The mind is a complex place, a stronghold of myriad feelings most never experienced, thoughts untaught, ideas idle, wonted whims, fantasies unfulfilled, ignis fatui incarcerated and in the midst of all this buzz is a small fraction that we actually translate into actions, the things that we say, do, proclaim, share and own responsibility for.
This post is about the major part of the matters of the mind locked in the vacuum of the self. At this mental level, I think there are no good or bad people, no right or wrong, no gentlemen and rustics, no perverts and purists for what’s inside of you is something no can figure out to be able to make a judgment about you. It is a level playing field where every individual is an equal and this fact though troublesome to many, is beautiful to me.
Our actions define us, not our thoughts. The mind is like the wild wind, the roaring river, the ceaseless cosmos it is meant to be unrestricted and unfettered, it is meant to be the harbinger of germination, the source of life and creativity, elite and eclectic, shoddy and shameful, the mind must do what it was meant to do, generate all the permutations and combinations possible and then you decide what you want to do with them by choosing the best ones to act upon, like how we select the best roses from the orchid to present to our beloved or pick the freshest fruits to take home sifting through the basket loads. I believe that a great person is not someone who has learnt to mould his mind but is someone who has an ascendance over his actions. It is not about destroying the dangerous mob - it is about choosing to shoot below the knees to disperse it, it is not about annihilating your adversary - it is about acknowledging his dominance while vowing vehemently to best him, it is not about lusting over your daughter’s classmate – it is about a life that you could positively influence being a responsible adult, it is not about the slum that you can build a castle on – it is about the countless souls you can help sustain on a piece of lifeless earth……
May be that’s why, even the great mahatma decided to adapt the adage, “See no evil, Hear no evil, Say no evil”, without adding “Think no evil”, for as long as you don’t intend to actuate it, the resident evil is actually harmless.

You Better Start Swimmin' - Lyrics

Bob Dylan might have been speaking to today's conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, and pro-peace Democrats about todays tsunamis when he sang, in the great anthem of my youth:

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Copyright © 1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

Rascal Flatts - I'm Moving On - Lyrics

One of my all time favourite songs by Rascal Flatts in album Im Moving On....

I've Dealt With My Ghosts And I've Faced All My Demons

Finally Content With A Past I Regret

I've Found You Find Strength In Your Moments Of Weakness

For Once I'm At Peace With Myself

I've Been Burdened With Blame, Trapped In The Past For Too Long

I'm Movin' On

I've Lived In This Place And I Know All The Faces

Each One Is Different But They're Always The Same

They Mean Me No Harm But It's Time That I Face It

They'll Never Allow Me To Change

But I Never Dreamed Home Would End Up Where I Don't Belong

I'm Movin' On

I'm Movin' On

At Last I Can See Life Has Been Patiently Waiting For Me

And I Know There's No Guarantees, But I'm Not Alone

There Comes A Time In Everyone's Life

When All You Can See Are The Years Passing By

And I Have Made Up My Mind That Those Days Are Gone

I Sold What I Could And Packed What I Couldn't

Stopped To Fill Up On My Way Out Of Town

I've Loved Like I Should But Lived Like I Shouldn't

I Had To Lose Everything To Find Out

Maybe Forgiveness Will Find Me Somewhere Down This Road

I'm Movin' On

I'm Movin' On

I'm Movin' On