Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back Blogging again.....Coming of age....

Must've been almost an year almost since I had devoted some real time for blogging. I know I ain't that busy either and it's also not that I did not have some stuff to write about. I guess I could only blame it partly on my slothy and lazy life these days and partly to the fact that i could hardly put to words all that I cerebrate or rather comprehend... each and every one of them.

 Maybe the ardent blogger in me who had all the time in the world to mull around each and everything is long gone... the days I felt that urge in me to share everything and to let the world out there know what I think about whatever that riffles through my mind.

 I don't really know if anybody cares a shit as to if a moron writes anything at all or rather not... The truth is I don't really want to..But I really thank those souls from the bottom of my heart, who cared to ask me why I had stopped writing or rumbling something. To those Guyz, u had been the only motivation for me to write anything. And I only hope you don't get much bored and repent later...

 Musings apart... There has been lot of happenings these days and lots more happening of-late except THE happenings I always long for... I kind-of got myself delved deep into the cobwebs of my working life as a measure to keep myself apart from the reality of being the loser. Gosh I hate so much as if I'm enacting a play acting like a whiz-kid while the reality to the contrary is quite diametrical.

Well, thatz me as you guyz know. as queasy as ever. Without much of a hiss i just wanna say especially to those who still motivate me and believe that i still have some stories untold (or rather feel so funny or for whatever reason) HERE I AM.. Back again BLOGGING !!!