Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who am I ???

I am, but a shattered dream
A scratched wound
A lost hope for some
Life for another
I am a prayer in silence
A cry in despair
I am a painful memory
An unfulfilled wish
I am, but a longing for love
A confession of feelings
A petal in some book of past
A budding flower of spring
A dried leaf floating aloof
Going where breeze takes it
I am, but an admiration
In the eyes of a loved one
A disturbed thought
In the mind of some person
A truth in disguise
A secret kept in the vault of the heart
A smile on the lips of a woman…
I am... merely a thought!

If Death Takes Me Away

Sometimes I think -

What in the world would change if death takes me away?
Who would shed a tear and who would just walk away?

Would anyone still sit besides me even when I am long ago gone?
Would anyone still try to see my face through the stone;
The face so much still and at peace
And would anyone try to listen what I had to say
Without saying anything at all?

Would anyone feel lonely for I was a good company once?
Would anyone remember me and all that I wrote once?
Would the days pass by without memories of me?
Or would someone remember me?

An insane boy who spoke of feelings
This is what I call myself when I look into the mirror of past
Would ever anyone search for the truth in my silliness?
And understand me in the true sense?

IF death takes me away
Would anyone say, "I wish he could stay!" (?)