Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reliance power IPO allotment announced all applicants get fair share

reliance power chairman Anil Dirubai Ambani has alloted equal shares as promised to all applicants. Market analysts expect 3X returns on the first day.

Reliance Power IPO allotment status is due today or tomorrow as per the way how the market is talking about the refund , if its due today or tomorrow the link for the same is over here.

Reliance Power IPO Allotment status

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FW: Superb quote

met money one day. I said, "You are just a piece of paper."

Money smiled and said, "Of course I'm a piece of paper, but I haven't
seen a dustbin yet, in my life".

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Musings !!

For good unknown sure is as not had, And had and yet unknown is as had not at all". Why, again??!! ( puzzlement with just a hint of exasperation) is my attempt at making sense of what life(that great equalizer) throws at me. A hotch-potch of ravings, idiosyncracies and ephiphanies that I hope to amass in the vain(?) hope that at the end of the day, it might just define me. I do dream the dream. Only, I can never quite seem to remember what it was about.

Some reasons to be proud if you are a Mechanical Engineer.

Got this one from someone by mail. Couldn't resist from posting this. Some reasons to be proud if you are a Mechanical Engineer. (Ofcourse there are a lot of reasons for you to worry if you are one )
    * Make a way for mighty mex or get screwed. Machines Rule the World, We rule the machines........
    * No fluctuation,,No error Coz Royal mech will rule forever.....[Fluctuation is for E&c, Error for Csc]
    *  2 yrs ago logical 1 yr ago digital. 4ever its MECHANICAL
    * "Fear of mexx is the beginning of wisdom"
    * We r studs...We screw from both sides.
    * Once it was constructional then it was logical, it was sinusoidal but for ever it was mechanical
    * If u r not living life on the edge u r simply taking too much space....mexx attitude
    * 1. Air - aerodynamics
      2. Water - fluid mechanics, hydrostatics, dynamics
      3. Fire - Thermodynamics,temperature, cryogenics
      4. Sky - vacuum
      5. Earth - Metallurgy, casting
    * Harmony with the nature, than any other creature.
    * We mech--- WE MOVE THE WORLD!!!
    * They came...They saw... But mech conquered.
    * We build Machines, that builds machines.
    * ALL ARE NOT FOOLS..................SOME CHOOSE MECH!
    * "Hammer rules the world" no one can replace us
    * Give me a lever long enough & much space to stand I will move whole the earth.
    * "No BUGS to kill, no CIRCUITS to fill.... V r born to rule".... V r da MeChIz
    * "We are the ones ur mom had warned u about!"
    * "We always screw safely!"
    * We r the gears of tomorrow

Empty and Running On !!!

Somedays you wake up wondering where you are. Time, space, alarm and music juggle your neurons, making you disoriented. At times like this you feel like you dropped from the sky, where you were soaring on diaphenous wings a minute back. Reality kills oh so slowly.
You stumble through the routine, mind wandering through endless mazes. Eat, brush, bathe, shit, it all goes on, ruthlessly, every single day. You are forced to do these
things, all of them. If you don't want to, you are harrassed and ostracized by the mere definition of normal in most minds. You wear your clothes, put on the smile and
walk out into the deafening sunlight.
You meet those people who call you friend. Casually wonder what they think, how they really feel inside. Listen well, and you can hear the hurt and the pain, the yearning to be heard, the effect of years of indifference and misunderstanding. It doesn't affect you anymore. It used to, though. Everyone learns sooner or later. You care too much, and one day they will choke you. So become cold, atleast that way you do it yourself.
Lunch, office, cabin, friends, boss, just people, all the same, all the same. Even you, you are the same, just like them. We are the same, little ants running around in an anthill. Never knowing their lives are a mess, a futility, a defined period of time before being smashed under a toddler's foot.
Back for dinner. You see the same old faces, wiser by the passing of a few hours. This second that you will not get back, not this one, not the next. Each cell is older, weaker, more ready to give up. Why does everyone seem so blah and unreal. You hate their expressions. You just want to run away. Get away from the looks and the thousand little subtilities. The traditions, the robotic crap, the phonyness, everything. Even the pretending that empathy exists.
You lay awake, staring at the stains on the ceiling. No point to the day, not like there ever is. You will fade into unconsciousness soon. Dead, but not rotting just as yet. The brief hours you feel less animalistic and nearly alive. You feel one whole day closer to eternal rest. I'm running on empty. But thats life and is beautiful...

Moving On!!

They had been together for many a year,
Now all he can feel is fear.
He gave all that he could give,
It just wasn't the way she wanted to live.
She left without a backward glance,
Not even giving their love a chance.
He often wonders what he could have done,
To keep her from going on the run.
Now he is living all alone,
With nothing he can call his own.
He can barely make himself eat,
Wondering if his life will again be complete.
This man is now moving along,
Building his courage, and becoming strong.
Only Time will heal his broken pride,
Toward the sunrise his heart will glide.

Tears !!!

I look up
as a tear rolls slowly
down my cheek
I think about those better days
and wonder if I'll feel that way again
you look at me
with those eyes I know so well
always serious, so deep and insightful
as though you're always in control
But not today
not now
Now you look so scared
like for once you don't have the answer
I gaze at you
looking deep into those hazel eyes
Hoping to understand
why you've said those things you just did
I wonder for a moment
if this is all a dream
if I shall wake in the morning
and be relieved
you look at me
with a confusion I have never seen
slowly pull me towards you
and wipe the tears from my cheek 

For a Better Tomorrow

She can feel the pain
and also the sorrow.
She doesn't want to go on.
So she prays for a better tomorrow.
It's hard for her to cope.
She'd like to runaway.
In her heart she knows
that she can't stay.
You can see the sadness
deep within her eyes.
She would like to stop the madness,
but instead, she just cries.
She prays for strength to move ahead.
To survive another day.
She pleads for the courage to be brave
so she can simply walk away. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Marriage - Does it worth taking the risk ???

At times I wonder marriage - does it worth taking the risk ?? marred by the failures of several people whom I've seen myself. what do we accomplish with our life ? just merely raising the population would only add another venkat to this vast world.

They argue we should've done something in life to live for. But I ask them what is there in it?? You can't live just to exercise your sensory pleasures. we should not live by those old laws....

In other words, I'd say marriage is a legalized way of prostitution ( especially arranged marriages) this phrase would fit-in for the Indian culture. What do you call a girl/boy who gives his/her virginity for a cause. the cause of course is a price. The price that you've to keep her with you until you die and u should take care of your children. Well, I know I'd sound insane. But again how do you prove your sanity.

If marriage is attributed with filled love, passion and about understanding each other all along their life, how do you fix it. Its all about chemistry that should happen with each other without any stimulating factor. You can never inculcate unless you want to sacrifice your life just by being a full-time prostitute probably for a single customer.... :)

I may sound eccentric but seriously these are the thoughts that rock me recently...On the other hand if love Marriages are perfect, why does the divorces happen ?? more prominently in the recent past... ( nowadays). I read a report from a daily quoting the phenomenal rise in the percentage of divorces that had risen 180% more in the last ten years. Does this mean women are beginning to be more liberal and seeking their freedom more than the past or its that the system is just not working for the present change of culture or that we have evolved too much to think about our Indian culture...

The so called Indian culture is no more. nowadays we are rapidly being influenced by the foreign cultures and are alienated from where we were....

But Guyz/Gals, I fully accept that there exists a perfect marriage and perfect people who succeeded by leading their life together till the end. and one of such is MS herself.

But when you look at the percentage of successful marriages happened so for im sure we all would agree that it would be breathtaking to see a very few actually made it. Again it depends on the criteria you see... as they say the beauty lies in the beholder of it...

No offence taken guys im expressing my own thoughts here and I know that it would arise the apparent question that don't you believe in your parents marriage ??? and I'd prefer to answer it with the line of the famous saying in Tamil...

Rettai mattu vandiyil rendum senthaaathaan oru vazhila poga mudium. Somehow they worked out though they both had differences of plenty. In other words they lives for us. If you call this life then is it worth living....????

As paulo cohleo describes in alchemist..the king who give urim & thumim to the boy says every one has a destiny. In the end of your life you should've either succeeded in ur destiny or failed in the process of attaining it... Between are those who don't even dare to think about it and some who uses it to propel and never want to attain it and it goes on....

I prefer my life that way.. I want to live my life and I don't want to share it with any strangers who would have their own dreams and destiny.. and who would have a lot of trouble with me. Im not that kinda guy who loves to be loved and I hate insecurity. The simple fact is that the moment you get married someone depends on you and your decisions will have a direct implications on him/her.... and in due course lot more...

and finally you endup in living just to make a living, As they say "you'll die to make a living" oh boy, life would then be hell and much complex. I hate others depending on me.... and then you'll point-out the great achievers who all have got married... again im not that great buddy... im an average ( at time below average)insane guy...

I don't complain others doing so for that matter. This is just a introspective report analyzing the pros & cons of marriage. How come we research a lot while shopping or designing a product but not your companion..

and even in the end its all about position and money which you could see clearly in every matrimonial page.... I can still recall it "Girl working in Infosys 25000pm seeks a IT boy 30-50000pm" how come good looking or good characters or even caste are no more sought after ????? I just point-out the change of priorities nowadays. They don't even care who ever you are as long as you earn 5 to 6 digits PM. I really donno where would this lead us to...

Marriage those days were well analyzed by parents though the consent of the couples were never asked, it somehow (at times) worked to some extent. But now ??? they choose their lovers just by position and the vice versa is only apt for films....

The Lost Race against Time...

Growing old. It's like nothing else. My memory is failing me, and so are my eyes. When I was younger, back in the days, I used to vow to myself I would never forget how it is to be a child, and that I never would ever ever grow out of being excited about life. Well, things changed. Bad, adult happenings like boyfriends and bitches took place. The eager, little boy became a big, fat slob with a temper. I forget those games we played in the mud like Land Land and Coconut, Please. I even forget people, something I scorned and mocked others for doing. Old growing up places are like ever so many postcards, which awaken memories only when viewed. Those excursions, picnics to the beach, the BBQs, the countless, countless lunches under the trees with old best friends, all barely remembered, and the emotions associated with them long gone. Time is ceaseless, unforgiving, pityless, a cruel monster. He takes away our fond rememberances and leaves the scars in our hearts as fresh as a dip in a freezing pond. But you cannot fight him. He will not let you go. He will wash over your grave and sweep the sands over it till the earth remembers you no more. We are defeated before we were born, stricken in the womb, and our walk here is counted out by the second. Let go, we have already lost.

Power of communication

Yes, I believe in the Right to Shut Up, but I also believe that with rights come duties. No matter how we choose to express ourselves - through speech or silence - communication with people whose lives we touch remains a duty. Relationships between people, between groups and even between countries are based on it - such is the power of communication, and the lack of it! So when someone chooses to withdraw from honest communication, they are virtually attacking the foundation of all
their relationships.

History has been a witness to this. What was the Cold War of if not almost 50 years of communication problem between the US of A and the Soviet Union? And aren't the telecom, internet, postal and so many other industries hinged on the need of effective communication?

However, we all have our range of communication problems. Some of us just don't know how to interact with strangers. Others, are better off communicating with just them. Perhaps that's why so many people create blogs to talk about themselves(?) Still others indulge in incomplete communication - speak half truths, share their feelinsg without telling the facts or vice versa.
A certain kind of people simply expect everyone to understand their intentions without ever talking about them.
Obviously, the art of communication is tough to master, but to forsake all concerted efforts to that end for this reason is to stop living because you're going to die one day.


The Secret of Life

Listened to MS' Bhaja Govindam . Divine !!! Feel so relieved and refreshed. If you are ever depressed, feel lost or lonely, angry or even on top of the world listen to it and grasp the profound insights of Shankara.
Reminds me of Buddha's 4 Noble Truths, which go something like :
1. There's misery in this world.
2. There's a cause for this misery.
3. The cause is Desire
4. The misery can be put to an end by cutting the Desire.
So cut the desire or labor the misery, whichever gives you more satisfaction 
Oh Lord! May I be the same person to every one, at all times, in times of sorrow and joy. May success or grief never get to my head. Give me the strength to take adulation and brickbats in my stride. For, without encouragement, there is no motivation to progress. And without rebuke, there's no motivation not to regress.
The World always worships the Rising Sun. I could aspire to be the Sun itself, but aren't there a billion brilliant Suns out there??? Oh Lord, Let me just be me, always.

'Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu'


All creatures live their lives in ecstasy,
Nor is one moment less than any other.
Gigantic redwoods tremble in their pleasure,
Each root agog in search of buried treasure,
Light the music singing through their sea,
A wound of joy from which none can recover.


Each moment is a word of glass;
Each life, within a bubble sealed.
No pleasure save what one has said,
No love save self in glass concealed.
How shall we gaze like fiery stars
Upon this gallery of breath?
One says only what one is;
There is no rostrum beyond death.
Speak, then, of dancing particles
Within the curvature of eyes,
And with equations sow the seeds
Upon which data crystallize;
While in the forests lovers gleam
Like whispers on a moonlit stream.

Important Utility (TollFree) Numbers in India

With the former Telecommunication Minister of India, Dayanidhi Maran's, revolutionary changes in the India Telecommunications fields, including the single STD code for the entire district, single STD tariff for the entire country from sometime January in 2006.

Perhaps, we have also discussed sometime back about Number Portability in India which is also currently in research by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

Somewhere in the hardcopy pamplet in Chennai, I got hold of a list of Utility Telephone Numbers to reach in case of emergencies and to avail services of service providers with a single telephone number all over India.

I just thought instead of just keeping it as a small pamplet, I can share it with other readers for full use of the same.

Please note that most of these numbers beginning with 1-600 would be restricted to BSNL or MTNL Network powered telephones only. Of late, I don't think other service providers are so much mature or open enough to support these numbers for the country sake.

Please feel free to update this section with the contact numbers you know as comments and/or also contact me so that I can update the main category also.

Police Control Room: 100
Fire and Rescue Services: 101
Ambulance: 102
Traffic Emergency 103
Apollo Emergency 1066 (select cities only)

Banking Institutions:
Citibank 1600 44 22 65
Development Credit Bank 1600 22 57 69
HDFC Bank 1600 227 227
ICICI Bank 1600 333 499
ICICI Bank NRI 1600 22 48 48
IDBI Bank 1600 11 69 99
Indian Bank 1600 44 14 00
ING Vysya 1600 44 99 00
Kotak Mahindra Bank 1600 22 60 22
Punjab National Bank 1600 12 22 22
State Bank of India 1600 44 19 55
Syndicate Bank 1600 44 66 55

Non-Banking Finance Institutions:
Shriram Chits 1600 44 18 33
AMP Sanmar 1600 44 22 00
Aviva 1600 33 22 44
Bajaj Allianz 1600 22 58 58
Chola MS General Insurance 1600 44 55 44
HDFC Standard Life 1600 227 227
LIC 1600 33 44 33
Max New York Life 1600 33 55 77
Royal Sundaram 1600 33 88 99
SBI Life Insurance 1600 22 90 90
CAMS 1600 44 22 67
Chola Mutual Fund 1600 22 23 00
Fidelity Investments 1600 180 8000
Franklin Templeton Fund 1600 44 44 77
J M Morgan Stanley 1600 22 00 04
Tata Mutual Fund 1600 22 01 01
LIC Housing Finance 1600 44 00 05

Mobile Service Centers:
BenQ 1600 22 08 08
Motorola MotoAssist 1600 11 12 11

Educational Institutions:
Edu Plus 1600 444 000
Hindustan College 1600 33 44 38
NCERT 1600 11 12 65
Vellore Institute of Technology 1600 44 15 55

Travel Service Providers:
Club Mahindra Holidays 1600 33 45 39
Cox & Kings 1600 22 12 35
God TV Tours 1600 44 27 77
Kerala Tourism 1600 444 747
Kumarakom Lake Resort 1600 44 50 30
Raj Travels & Tours 1600 22 99 00
Sita Tours 1600 111 911 SOTC
Tours 1600 22 33 44
UPS APC 1600 44 42 72
Numeric 1600 44 32 66

Telecom Monitoring Cell 1600 110 420

Shopping Spree:
Asian Sky Shop 1600 22 1600
Jaipan Teleshoppe 1600 11 52 25
Tele Brands 1600 11 80 00
VMI Teleshopping 1600 44 77 77
WWS Teleshopping 1600 22 07 77

Social Responsibilty Services
World Vision India 1600 444 550

Power Supply:
Jaiprakash Hydro-Power Ltd 1600 180 11 09
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board 1912 (in Chennai)
Quick BiteDomino Pizza 1600 111 123
Hotel Saravana BhavanChennai 1901445577
New Delhi 1901115577
PhotographyKodak India 1600 22 88 77
Pet CarePedigree 1600 11 21 21

Home Services and HouseKeeping Paints and Emulsion:
Asian Paints Home Solutions 1600 22 56 78
Berger Paints Home Decor 1600 33 88 00

Packers and Movers:
Agarwal Packers & Movers 1600 11 43 21
Associated Packers P Ltd 1600 21 45 60
Goel Packers & Movers 1600 11 34 56
ConsumableAavin Milk and Diary 1600 44 33 00
DecorKurl-on 1600 44 04 04
Sleepwell 1600 11 22 66
LPGIndane 1600 44 51 15

Drawing Room Helpdesks:
Aiwa/Sony 1600 11 11 88
Blue Star 1600 22 22 00
Bose Audio 1600 11 26 73
Bru Coffee Vending Machines 1600 44 71 71
DishTV 1600 12 34 74
Faber Chimneys 1600 21 45 95
Godrej 1600 22 55 11
Grundfos Pumps 1600 33 45 55
Philips 1600 22 44 22
Samsung 1600 11 34 44
Sanyo 1600 11 01 01
Voltas 1600 33 45 46
WorldSpace Satellite Radio 1600 44 54 32
Anytime AnyInfo 1947 (Chennai only)
HealthcareBest on Health 1600 11 88 99
Dr Batras 1600 11 67 67
GlaxoSmithKline 1600 22 87 97
Johnson & Johnson 1600 22 81 11
Kaya Skin Clinic 1600 22 52 92
LifeCell 1600 44 53 23
Manmar Technologies 1600 33 44 20
Pfizer 1600 442 442
Roche Accu-Chek 1600 11 45 46
Rudraksha 1600 21 47 08
Varilux Lenses 1600 44 83 83
VLCC 1600 33 12 62

Cosmetics and Beauty Treatments:
L'Oréal, GARNIeR 1600 22 30 00
Kaya Skin Clinic 1600 22 52 92

Couriers and Logistic Services:
DHL 1600 111 345
FedEx 1600 22 61 61
UPS 1600 22 71 71

Holidays and Hotel Bookings:
GRT Grand 1600 44 55 00
InterContinental Hotels Group 1600 111 000
Marriott 1600 22 00 44
Sarovar Park Plaza 1600 111 222
Taj Holidays 1600 111 825
Software SolutionsAdrenalin 1600 44 44 45
Canon 1600 33 33 66
Cisco Systems 1600 22 17 77
Compaq - HP 1600 444 999
Data One Broadband 1600 424 1600
Dell 1600 444 026
Epson 1600 44 00 11
Genesis Tally Academy 1600 444 888
IBM 1600 44 33 33
Lexmark 1600 22 44 77
Marshal's Point 1600 33 44 88
Microsoft 1600 11 11 00
Microsoft Virus Update 1901 33 33 34
Symantec 1600 44 55 33
TVS Electronics 1600 444 566
WeP Peripherals 1600 44 64 46
Wipro 1600 33 33 12
Zenith 1600 22 20 04

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hollow Earth - A Myth or Reality ???

Is the earth hollow? Is there a sun 600 miles in diameter at the center of the hollow earth? Is the inside of the shell of the hollow earth covered with mountains larger than the ones we see on the outside? Is there a hole in the shell of the hollow earth through which flying saucers from Venus and space ships from other galaxies fly to get to their bases inside the hollow earth? Are there secret passages from the bases of the Great Pyramid and other locations around the earth that connect the outside to the inside of the earth? Is the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb really caused when the bomb pokes a hole through the shell and the gasses inside the earth rush through to escape?

Some people claim to believe all of this, and they even give us detailed maps of what is inside the earth. See, for example, the extravagant map above, drawn by Max Fyfield and available on scores of pages on the World Wide Web. [Fy] Imagine my surprise when I found apparently reputable sources that said that Euler also endorsed a hollow earth theory, and that Fyfield’s map was based on Euler’s theories. This, of course, piqued my curiosity, so I decided to look into the question of Euler and the Hollow Earth.

Here are a few excerpts from some websites I found that credit Euler with a hollow earth theory.

Leonhard Euler

Later theorists came up with variations to Halley’s [sic] model. In the seventeenth century, Leonhard Euler proposed a single-shell hollow Earth with a small sun (1.000 km across) at the centre, providing light and warmth for an inner-Earth civilisation. Others proposed two inner suns, and even named them: Pluto and Proserpine.

Leonhard Euler

In the eighteen century A Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler took the multiple spheres theory and replaced it with a single hollow sphere that contained a sun 600 miles wide. He said the sun maintained heat and light for an advanced civilization that he said lived there. A Scottish mathematician Sir John Leslie suggested that there was not one sun but in fact two he named
these Pluto and Proserpine.

Leonard Euler

Leonard Euler (1707-1783), noted mathematician and one of the founders of higher mathematics. He stated that "mathematically the Earth has to be hollow". He also believed there was a center sun inside the Earth's interior, which provided daylight to a splendid subterranean civilization.

The Expanding Earth idea has been around for a long time, but science has not considered it worthy of genuine investigation because a driving force was missing. This is where the Hollow Earth theory comes in. A new understanding of Gravity gives rise to an expanding, hollow Earth and once and for all neatly solves the drifting continent phenomenon.

This website sets out to prove that the Hollow Earth Theory and the Expanding Earth theory have credible scientific merit and should not be ignored. There is a wealth of evidence surfacing today that throws our current beliefs regarding the structure of our planet into serious doubt. Our goal is to accumulate as much of this information as possible and provide it in one easy-to-access place for all.

Throughout the pages of this website new ideas and discoveries are presented from wide-ranging areas of science. Our investigation has delved into many subjects and disciplines including geology and plate tectonics, paleontology and evolution, genetics and biology, gravity, astronomy and others. Each of these topics has their own exciting story to tell and together they will build a new picture of the Earth that is sure to surprise.

Various theories of Hollow Earth

It is time look at the information before us with fresh eyes and open minds and to seek out the truth for ourselves.