Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Power of communication

Yes, I believe in the Right to Shut Up, but I also believe that with rights come duties. No matter how we choose to express ourselves - through speech or silence - communication with people whose lives we touch remains a duty. Relationships between people, between groups and even between countries are based on it - such is the power of communication, and the lack of it! So when someone chooses to withdraw from honest communication, they are virtually attacking the foundation of all
their relationships.

History has been a witness to this. What was the Cold War of if not almost 50 years of communication problem between the US of A and the Soviet Union? And aren't the telecom, internet, postal and so many other industries hinged on the need of effective communication?

However, we all have our range of communication problems. Some of us just don't know how to interact with strangers. Others, are better off communicating with just them. Perhaps that's why so many people create blogs to talk about themselves(?) Still others indulge in incomplete communication - speak half truths, share their feelinsg without telling the facts or vice versa.
A certain kind of people simply expect everyone to understand their intentions without ever talking about them.
Obviously, the art of communication is tough to master, but to forsake all concerted efforts to that end for this reason is to stop living because you're going to die one day.


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