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Fake IPL Player has revealed - he has exposed himself in his new video

Fake IPL Player has revealed himself in his latest post. persumably his last.

Fake IPL Player has decided to reveal himself to the realms of the world (See the link above). He still claims to be an insider as he has not revealed his full face yet his silhouette along with his voice has raised eyebrows of many.

I felt like I was watching an Afred hitchcock masterpiece or Sixth Sense or The prestige or the usual suspects that has a MIND CHILLING suspense that makes u glued to your seats. He is an absolute entertainer as he says the KKR's are !!!!!!!

Its like a movie in which every second is a master piece and you don't want that movie to end. While watching the video I beet one would feel as scared as they'd have seen any spine chillers. 

It takes BALLS OF STEEL to do what he has done and he still marches a bit close in every post of his ultimate exposing. 

Though it raises several names and co-releates to lot of personalities it is however still not convincive as to who he really is.. and is he really an insider. It is all left to be seen. Until then as he claims he is still a shadow play or as his name suggests, fake IPL player...

As he says... Kabi alvida na kehana... Cheerz guyz...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

IPL Analysis

Guest blogger Rajesh  Kumar's contribution. I had always thought this guy has something in him that he is yet to show the world. His passion for Cricket is extraordinary. Unfortunately not his temperament. When things are not going in his way it shows. barring which he is a spectacular person, an ardent rider and a fantastic person to be with. Hope he'll start his own blog someday as i still am insisting with. Enough babbling, back to buisness guyz... Over to Rajesh.
He can be reached at

As the IPL second season is nearing its finale… It’s a question of whose gonna crab the semifinal spot. With their solidarity and consistency Delhi Daredevils has confirmed their berth to play the semis, as Sehwag saying after the win against Deccan chargers “we will be paid $50,000 for each win”, that’s a big boost for a win GMR holdings giving to the team, its all the due respect for the team’s commitment in the field. As half of the table is left with only two more matches (leaving out Kolkata with 11 matches) and their final grab is not too far but too tough.


Points Table








Delhi Daredevils







Chennai Super Kings







Rajasthan royals







Deccan Chargers







Royal Challengers Bangalore







Mumbai Indians







Kings XI Punjab







Kolkata Knight Riders








Individual Team analysis


Delhi Daredevils

            Having played only 10 matches, they are topping the table, with no doubts for their position in the semis, the need to carry the momentum just to keep up the morale of the team.


Chennai Super Kings

            After the loss against Bangalore, Chennai are in a little trouble to grab a spot in the semis, but it’s not too far as they still have three matches to play and with good run rate in their cards. They play against Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata knight riders the teams at the bottom but any upset against these teams will give a huge set back to the Men in Yellow, but one win will hand a berth at semis. But a team with 5wins on the trot has to regroup and come with a bang against Mumbai on Saturday to finish off in style and not to drag to the final day to see the light for the knock out stage. Poor fielding and middle order debacle are the big worries for this team.


Rajasthan Royals

            The defending champions proved that they are one of the strong contenders for the title with a last ball win against Mumbai last day. Commitment, team work, shrewd captaincy all in one place gives the edge for this team, but inconsistency and poor batting being the worries, they need to work on these areas to carve their names on the trophy once again. One win will cement the place in the semis but playing against top ranked consistent Delhi and bottom ranked Kolkata which is aiming for a win for pride should be concerns. Loss against Delhi will put the team in trouble and a must win situation in the last game against Kolkata


Deccan Chargers

            Winning 4 matches on the trot, and losing the last game of on the verge of win shows the inconsistency of the team which relies mostly on Gilchrist starts, they need to regroup quickly to earn a place in semis. Major worries being the inconsistent batting form of the middle order which was bolstered by the addition of Symonds, but the fielding on the last match was not up to the mark. This team also playing against Kolkata and kings XI Punjab (low ranked in the table) but have to win any one which is also a concern as opponents are aiming wins for pride. Having three matches and placed in 4th position there is no talk of complacency for this team, as the resurgence of Bangalore being a concern for them who are placed very next to them in the tables with equal points. If Deccan losing the next two matches to Kolkata and Punjab, it will be a must win game for them against Bangalore on the last league match which Gilchrist and co. wont like.


Royal Challengers Bangalore

            New resurgent team which ended up in the bottom of the table last year will aim for big turn around this season with two tough matches to be played against Delhi and Deccan. But the in-form Taylor has a say for this team to enter the semis, if they win against Delhi, Deccan will be in trouble and this team also won’t like to drag till the last game. Top order is being the worry for this team, captain Kumble and coach Jennings would have an eye on their current run rate. They will sure expect Deccan to lose one game at least and a win for them against Delhi which will put both the teams on the last day clash to grab a spot in semis.


Mumbai Indians

            Having talked as one of the favorites at the start of this season, this team has let down themselves from there. Only two games in the chart against tougher opponents Chennai and Delhi, their spot on semis looks meager. They may not need a miracle for a turnover and Sachin, Amre, Pollock and co will expect Deccan, Bangalore and Rajasthan to lose their games against their respective opponents.


Kings XI Punjab

            Huge expectation, good start, low performance and inconsistency, close finish games ending with losses are the tags for this team. Three games against tougher teams (Delhi, Deccan, Chennai) giving a least chance for this team to semis but wins in the rest of the games may have huge say in the table as well which will be big upsets for the near contenders for the semis. This team has the potential to do that. Being positive and committed in the field, most of all good bowling could give this team an edge for the top spots.


Kolkata Knight Riders

            This team cannot make to the semis, but their comeback in the last game is remarkable, poor performances in batting, fielding & bowling are being the concern for them since the start of this season, but somehow got back in the batting in the last match, but not fully from the other two depts. Their wins against Deccan, Chennai, and Rajasthan may but their opponents in big trouble for the semifinals berth.



Rajesh Kumar R

Rebirth is uncertain, enjoy each moment of this Life.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Exotic arrival - The discovery of one more mystery particle Y(4140)

The media has almost neglected this fascinating discovery (a series of them now) of the new particle christined as Y(4140) with signifies its mass of 4140 MeV (million electon volts). This article,  published in Frontline by Ramachadran documents and educates on the discovery in detail. Which also goes to show that we are closing-in on the Antimatter based power generation systems for the Future... Lets hope that soon those antimatter propulstion systems that can take us through light years of travel in search of altair or an alternate for earth materializes rather than remaining fictious which can only be fantasised in Novels and fiction movies.

Altogether a great discovery posing fermilab still ahead of CERN which is still ailing in its injuries sustaining from last year during its epochal experiment. Looks like physics is set for another ride while the future looks promising for umpteen discoveries still to be made, it only raises the obvious questions how prepared are we as a wanna-be-developed-country ??? still a long way to go i guess.






Exotic arrival - R. RAMACHANDRAN

The discovery of one more mystery particle, designated as Y(4140), throws up a lot of questions.


ON March 18, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Illinois, United States, announced that it had "found evidence of an unexpected particle whose curious characteristics may reveal new ways that quarks can combine to form matter". Fermilab houses the Tevatron, the most powerful particle accelerator until the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) – now scheduled to start operations in July after repairs following the mishap of September 19, 2008 (Frontline, January 30, 2009) – overtakes it.

The new particle has been temporarily designated as Y(4140), which signifies that it has a mass equivalent to 4,140 million electron volts (MeV) of energy – in the sense of Einstein’s mass-energy relation – and the symbol Y is indicative of its as yet unconfirmed and ill-understood status. Once its other characteristics besides mass, such as the intrinsic quantum properties and its internal structure, get established it may get a permanent name.

At the Tevatron, counterrotating beams of protons and antiprotons (the antimatter equivalents of protons), each with an energy of 980 billion, or giga, eV (GeV), are brought to collide head on. As protons and antiprotons annihilate at the collision points, a total of 1.96 trillion eV (TeV) of energy becomes available for particle production. Two major international experiments, called D-Zero (which has significant Indian participation) and CDF, are currently running at Fermilab. The experiments involve looking at trillions of collisions and analysing the vast amounts of data generated for signals of something new among the particles produced.

The Y(4140) discovery came from the data gathered at the CDF detector. Scientists found signatures that could not be explained with known particle processes and the resulting products. For appropriate signatures, scientists look at the spectrum of energy distribution of all, as well as subsets of, relatively long-lived final particles from the decays of short-lived particles (whose typical lifetimes are in the order of 10-22 to 10-23 seconds) that are produced by the proton-antiproton collisions. A bump in the energy distribution, or a clustering of events around a particular energy, would point to something significant (Figure 1).

At present, it is not clear what exactly Y(4140) is made of. It does not seem to fit into the known scheme for making up particles from the fundamental building blocks of matter called quarks (and their antimatter equivalents, the antiquarks). "It must be trying to tell us something," CDF spokesperson Jacobo Konigsberg said.

"So far, we are not sure what it is, but rest assured we’ll keep on listening," he was quoted as saying. Significantly, Y(4140) is not the first mystery particle to be discovered in recent times. In the last five years, physicists, particularly at the electron-positron collider experiments called Belle at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan, and BaBar at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC), U.S., have seen signals of several other exotic particles – variously designated as X-, Y- and Z-particles with different masses – that cannot be explained in terms of conventional particle structure.

Clearly, all these discoveries are trying to say something that physicists are trying to decipher. Is it new physics? Or is it just new insights into the known physics of elementary particles? At this point, it seems to be the latter but physicists are yet to grasp the new insights and there are several ideas floating around. Tommaso Dorigo of Padova University and a member of the CDF collaboration wrote in his blog after the recent discovery: "While all eyes are pointed at the searches for the Higgs boson and supersymmetric particles [Frontline, October 10, 2008] if not even more exotic high-mass objects, and careers are made and unmade on those uneventful searches, it is elsewhere that action develops. Such discoveries tell the tale of a very prolific research field [of low-energy particle physics] where there is really a lot to understand."

The standard picture is based on what is known as the Standard Model (Figure 2), which describes all known matter and forces (except gravity). According to this model, the fundamental constituents of all matter are six quarks and six leptons and their antiparticles. The six quarks are called (somewhat whimsically): up (u), down (d), charm (c), strange (s), top (t) and bottom (b). These quarks and their antiquarks combine in different ways to make the particles that are produced in accelerator experiments. For example, three quarks make up a proton (two u quarks and one d quark) and a neutron (two d quarks and a u quark). In general, three quarks can bind to form other proton-like particles whose generic name is "baryon". Similarly, a quark-antiquark pair can also form a bound state whose generic name is "meson".

For example, the positively charged pi-meson, or pion, is made of a u quark and an anti-d (d-bar) quark. The J/psi-meson is made of a c quark and a c-bar quark. Mesons and baryons are collectively referred to as "hadrons".

But quarks themselves are not seen in isolation. This is because of the nature of the strong force, called the "colour force", that mediates between quarks. The word "colour" has nothing to do with its usual meaning and is merely a name given to a new type of charge that quarks carry. This "colour" charge comes in three varieties, often labelled as red, blue and green. The theory that describes this force is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD), analogous to the force of electrodynamics that mediates between electric charges. QCD posits that colour charge is confined within hadrons and can never emerge to be detected in an experiment unlike electric charge, which can exist in isolation. That is, quarks must always combine so that only "colourless" bound states are formed, which can be detected. That is, protons, pions and other particles that are created in collision experiments in accelerators, for example, should have quarks combined in such a fashion that they are colour-neutral (Figure 3).

It is the colour force that gives rise to a residual strong force that extends beyond a colour-neutral proton or neutron to bind them into a nucleus, much like the van der Waals force that allows electrically neutral atoms to bind into the molecules of chemistry.

The electromagnetic force between charged particles is described by the exchange of photons (light particles) between them, that is, a photon is the carrier of the electromagnetic force. Analogously, particles called "gluons" are the carriers of the colour force between quarks. However, there are crucial differences. Photons are massless and chargeless. But gluons, though massless, have a colour charge. That is, gluons, unlike photons, can interact with each other. Also, unlike a single carrier for electrodynamics, QCD requires eight gluons. These peculiar properties of gluons make the colour force drastically different from the coulomb force between electric charges. The latter, as we know, falls off as the inverse square of the distance between the charges.

The colour force, on the other hand, does not decrease with distance as the colour-carrying entities – quarks and gluons – are moved apart. This means that an immense amount of energy will be required to separate two coloured objects. This is why quarks are confined forever within hadrons (Figure 4). (One could, of course, imagine imparting a huge amount of force to separate quarks for a distance, say, about the diameter of a proton. But that would only result in pumping enough energy to create a real quark-antiquark pair and the process generating two colour-neutral particles from the initial one.)

The above simple picture of hadrons as a mere collection of two or three quarks, together with a set of approximations, provides a theoretical framework for calculations called the constituent quark model (CQM), and the model seems to describe hadrons at low energies pretty well. But this picture is overly naive because quarks are actually dressed in a force field of the mediating gluons, and all of them packaged together is the particle that one sees.

In fact, QCD allows for the number of quarks and gluons that constitute a hadron to fluctuate with time. The fluctuations are in the form of additional virtual gluons or quark-antiquark pairs. This is because of the underlying vacuum in the theory. At the quantum level, the vacuum is never empty. It is actually seething with virtual particle-antiparticle pairs ever so momentarily created and annihilated without violating any conservation laws (because of the quantum uncertainty principle). But the CQM ignores the constituent gluons, neglects these vacuum fluctuations and treats quark motion as non-relativistic.


THE Y(4140) DISCOVERY came from data gathered at the CDF detector (shown above), one of the two major international experiments currently running at Fermilab.

This picture of a particle as quarks plus a sea of virtual gluons and quark-antiquark pairs actually solves another problem with the naive quark model: quarks are much too light to account for the mass of the particles that they form.

Physicists now believe that these virtual particles constitute the missing mass – about 98 per cent in a proton, for example – that makes up a typical hadron. But can gluons, which account for the mass of hadrons, exist as colour-neutral objects devoid of quarks on their own? Since gluons carry colour charge and mutually interact, could gluons combine to form purely gluonic matter? Such objects are called glueballs. Similarly, gluons could also combine with quarks and antiquarks to form "hybrid" particles. Physicists have even conceived of four-quark (tetraquark) or five-quark (pentaquark) systems to form colour-neutral particles. One could also think of bound states of mesons, a kind of "mesonic" molecule, just as protons and neutrons bind to form nuclei. Nothing in QCD forbids such mesonic bound states as well or even baryonic bound states. These hybrids, glueballs and higher multiquark states are together called QCD exotics.

But are we now beginning to see evidence of these exotic objects? Eric Swanson of the University of Pittsburg believes that the CQM, which is an approximation that works well at lower energies, must fail somewhere. As he pointed out in a 2006 review article, "quark models are not QCD. But models do not seek to be QCD, rather they attempt to capture the dominant physics relevant to the problem at hand…. In this regard… quark models suffer from deficiencies which will become apparent as states higher in the spectrum are discovered." Are these discoveries evidence of deeper manifestations of the strong colour force beyond the CQM?

These new discoveries have been seen in the analyses of the production of what are called charmonium states, particles that are bound states of the c quark and its antiquark such as the prototype J/psi-meson and its higher-mass avatars, which are expected in the conventional CQM framework. Physicists look for these different charmonium particles in the decays of B-mesons (mesons containing a b-quark), which are copiously produced in the experiments at Belle (KEK), BaBar (SLAC), the Tevatron (Fermilab) and CLEO (Cornell). Being heavier particles, their decay modes favour production of various charmonium states.

According to Swanson, to date 16 new charmonium states have been discovered, of which, Y(4140) is the latest. "A great number of interpretations," Swanson said in an e-mail response, "have been proposed for these states. Of course, since there are very many interpretations, most of them must be wrong!"

THE QUARK MODEL: the proton and the pi-meson, or pion.

The manner of discovery of Y(4140) by CDF scientists was quite similar to that of other new particles. The signal for a particle at 4,140 MeV mass was seen in the decay of a much more commonly produced B+ meson. From trillions of collision events, they found a sample of about 80 events – the largest sample in the discoveries of such unusual decays so far, according to Tammaso – decaying in an unexpected pattern (Figure 5). Further analysis showed that B+ mesons were decaying into Y(4140), which was, in turn, found to decay into a pair of particles, J/psi-meson and a phi-meson. (The latter is made of s and s-bar quarks.) Though this decay mode suggests that it could be a charmonium state, its characteristics did not fit what is expected of a charmonium state.

"The properties of charmonium states are well predicted by theory," said Estia Eichten, a theorist at Fermilab involved with charmonium physics, in an e-mail response. "Y(4140) adds an important piece to the puzzle of new states discovered recently. However, the theory of these new states is not yet clear. There is not yet a consensus on Y(4140)’s composition. This, as well as the others, must have other active degrees of freedom, like gluons, to form a hybrid or an additional light quark pair to form a molecule or a tetraquark state. Theorists have not yet made reliable predictions for the spectrum and properties of such [exotic] states," Eichten added.


Swanson, however, believes that Y(4140) may not be a real particle at all, the signal seen being just a statistical fluctuation or an experimental artefact. "If it is real," he said in his e-mail, "one must consider the possibility that it is a ‘threshold enhancement’. This happens quite often when two particles are produced, and because of their interactions, cause a bump in the signal…and eager experimentalists call them ‘particles’....Except for one thing. Threshold enhancements tend to be quite broad [but] Y(4140) is very narrow and so is quite unusual. My bottom line is that, if the state is confirmed, then it is an unusual thing indeed. But my bet is that this signal will go away with more statistics."

But Masanori Yamaguchi of the KEK believes that the state may be related to the Y(3940) discovered at Belle in 2004 and has been hypothesised to be a "hybrid" state. "We will try to confirm this state in our own Belle data," he said. However, Swanson believes that Y(3940) is also a threshold effect. For him, in his list of 16, only two – X(3872), one of the first of the new particles, discovered at Belle in 2003, and Y(4260), discovered at BaBar in 2005 – make the grade as real exotic particles.

"The X(3872) is the poster boy of the new heavy hadrons," Swanson wrote. "It has been observed by four experiments in three decay and two production channels and continues to refuse to fit into our expectations for charmonium," he said. Though it now stands established as a distinct new particle, the exact nature of its composition is still being hotly debated by physicists. One of the widely accepted interpretations for X(3872) is that it is a bound state – a "molecule" – of two other mesons, called D0 and anti-D0*. (D0 is a combination of c and u-bar quarks; anti-D0* is an excited state of its antiparticle anti-D0 made of c-bar and u quarks.) If true, it opens up an entirely new field of "chemistry of elementary particles", just like the chemistry of atoms.

If mesons can form such molecules, one could ask why we do not see molecules of the lighter mesons, such as the pion. "This is a question of dynamics," says Swanson. "In principle, a pi-pi bound state could exist, but when you solve the equations you find no bound states. It is because, one, there is no long range van der Waals force between pions, and two, pions are very light and therefore are difficult to bind together," he explains.

Y(4260), on the other hand, "is a very good candidate for a hybrid, which is a bound state of c, anti-c and gluons," says Swanson. "If confirmed, this would be the first sighting of a dramatically new form of matter, which incorporates gluons," he adds. Like these higher states of charmonium, higher state analogues of "bottomonium", composed of heavier b and b-bar quarks, are expected. Searches are on for these and some candidates like Yb have been found at Belle. But top quarks are so heavy that they decay before they can form bound states. So the story is unlikely to repeat with "toponium".

QUANTUM CHROMODYNAMICS: THE colour force and quark separation and confinement.

The discovery of glueballs would, of course, be yet another intriguing story. Though candidates for this have been seen, the f0 states discovered in 2006, they are still unconfirmed. But, as Swanson points out, a theoretical framework to handle glueballs could be particularly problematic as they are states of pure gluons, with which physicists have no experience, and existing models are untested and numerical predictions less reliable.

Though there is a lot of evidence now that nature is presenting us with a tantalising hint of unusual happenings at energy scales of 10s of GeV, something not expected in the standard picture that had worked so well until now, it appears that there is as yet no need to invoke new physics beyond the Standard Model and the extended application of QCD in detailed "quark-gluon spectroscopy".

These discoveries have brought surprise and excitement only because, as Swanson put it, "nature is more complex than it had indicated to date. The discoveries also teach us important things about how QCD actually works. In the end, we are learning how the Standard Model and QCD build up the universe."•

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pasted Smiles -of lives of abject despair

Many a times, everyone of us would encounter a situation in life where he/she moves around with what I would call as "pasted smiles". It’s a scenario where you know are feeling something within; and at the same time your ego doesn’t allow you to express what you feel within. At that point of time, even if you are so much overwhelmed by emotion that you would want to let out a wild outcry, what is seen on you is a smile on your face, which is completely artificial. You laugh around when there are tears flowing uncontrollably within you. You joke around when the only thing that you want is a period of solitude where you can get rid of your pains and tears. Its one of the trickiest scenarios in life. This situation of duality within you creates a whole lot of trouble within you; and makes your life extremely miserable – so much so that you ask that question to yourself; whether you deserve to go through all of these. Being in pain is one thing; but living through it as if it doesn’t exist is an entirely different cup of tea.

These "pasted smiles" phenomenon is what i am encountering often in my life all too often these days; too much for my comfort. Be it when I talk to my boss or when I converse with the security at my flatts, when I talk to relatives, strangers... It goes on.. Only that I feel that the reaction differs from person to situations. But its all the same, more reactive than expressing what I actually feel. The more I try to run away from it, it hits me at a much rapid pace that I am completely taken aback. There is an element of helplessness within me these days; which makes me get a resigned attitude though I believe I had come to terms with it as just another part of life.

At times I wounder have I forgotten to have what is called as a genuine laugh in life? Have I forgotten what it is to enjoy my life? I guess its becoming all too mechanical these days. The sense of being cynical is quickly catching up with me. Its come to an extent where I would be surprised when something good happens with me. Maybe that’s the best indicator that I am not traveling in the right direction in life. Its becoming increasingly aimless these days; its as if I am allowing myself to drift along with the strong strident waves of a rampant river. I am now struggling to give resistance to the bad things that happens within me; moreover I am starting to take it as the norm.

Its not that I am reluctant to change. But irrespective all my efforts to change the way I am, nothing seems to change. Its really troublesome; its really painful. Unfortunately I don’t find a way out. Is it that destiny has consigned me to live a life of despair riddled with pasted smiles all over? Don’t worry rest of the word; I am still smiling – even if its not exactly what I want to do at this point of time. I guess that’s what destiny has in stor for me – life of abject despair…

The Curious Case Of Fake IPL Player

The IPL is in full swing in South Africa. Apart from the cricket that is on show, something else hass captured the imagination of at least the world of bloggers. It's the blog from someone who claims himself to be part of the KKR team, giving out details about the ego clashes with-in the team, the way they prepare and react. True insider information stuff. As blogging world is completely buzzing about this, most of the readers are trying to find who this chap is. All in all, he has become one of the superstars of this IPL season. His blog has become one of the most sought after blog page in the country now. Lots of people are following this blog; so do I. Its become some sort of an addiction. There was a pause in his posting for a day or so; and rumors started flying around saying that he could have been caught and we may not get any more blogs from him. And then he resurfaces again every night. The popularity of his blog was so much that I got five sms messages from my friends following this blog when the update happened. Guess what, the entire world is waiting...

The good part of his blog is that he is saying things with a whole lot of satire and sarcasm. One cannot help but accept the fact that people love to hate the KKR. More often than not, its got to do with the flamboyance of its owner Shah Rukh Khan. And then there is the Dada angle as well. I don't think Indian cricket ever had a more polarizing figure than Sourav Ganguly. And when he was axed from the captaincy of the KKR team, people thought of a conspiracy angle to all of that, the foreigners were conspiring against him and the team owner was hand in glove with all of that. Hence the blogging world which I consider as a small sample size of the real world was waiting for an opportunity to latch on to something rotten in the KKR setup. They had a shot in the arm when this mysterious blogger surfaced. People accepted him with open arms. Everyone hopes that he is never caught and we continue to get this never ending doze of insider information about the team. The popularity of the blog is so evident from the number of comments he gets for each of his posts. One thing is for sure; even if his cricketing career is over once he gets caught, he can definitely make a living with his writings.

The best part of his blog are the names that he uses for the players in his blog. The best one for one Indian fast bowler hailing from God's own Country , 'Appam Chutiya'. I laughed like hell when I came across this name for the first time. Man… this guy has a seriously good sense of humor. The other names include, 'Prince Charles of Patiala' for Yuvraj Singh, 'Vinnie Dildo' for team owner SRK, 'Lordie' for Sourav Ganguly, 'Little John' for Ishaant Sharma, 'Sheikh of Tweak' for Shane Warne. Wonder how his guy managed to have such a good sense of humor… Every time I read his blog, there is a big grin across my face. I am pretty sure that would be the case for almost everyone who reads this blog, except the KKR guys. If they were given a choice, they would have shot this guy off from the edge of a cliff…he he...

You need to be damn brave to be able to write something like this. You are literally putting your head on the chopping block. Be rest assured that he is going to loose the contract once he is going to get caught. And he will be caught some day. coz all good things come to an end some day. But till that day comes, the cricket buffs in the blogging world would be treated to some seriously good insider information. Just enjoy the fun as long as it lasts.

Also while he decided to reveal himself after the final days play, he then seemed to have succumbed to fear it seems as he has post a poll now to know from ppl what they want him to do. Whatever happens a serious drama is always on the cards.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Its been a long time….

Its been a long time…since i posted some musings...

Had been busy with my work… if you can call it that...But yes, i felt very bad about my time management.

I am going to start blogging again like old times…

To those few readers out there who still are longing for my pandemonic musings, I am Back :)