Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fake IPL Player has revealed - he has exposed himself in his new video

Fake IPL Player has revealed himself in his latest post. persumably his last.

Fake IPL Player has decided to reveal himself to the realms of the world (See the link above). He still claims to be an insider as he has not revealed his full face yet his silhouette along with his voice has raised eyebrows of many.

I felt like I was watching an Afred hitchcock masterpiece or Sixth Sense or The prestige or the usual suspects that has a MIND CHILLING suspense that makes u glued to your seats. He is an absolute entertainer as he says the KKR's are !!!!!!!

Its like a movie in which every second is a master piece and you don't want that movie to end. While watching the video I beet one would feel as scared as they'd have seen any spine chillers. 

It takes BALLS OF STEEL to do what he has done and he still marches a bit close in every post of his ultimate exposing. 

Though it raises several names and co-releates to lot of personalities it is however still not convincive as to who he really is.. and is he really an insider. It is all left to be seen. Until then as he claims he is still a shadow play or as his name suggests, fake IPL player...

As he says... Kabi alvida na kehana... Cheerz guyz...

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