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World T20 - A Review and Preview

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This is Rajesh friend of Subramani (chuppandi), I am back with one more article on cricket after the “Half way analysis on IPL”; this is time on the current World T20 ICC tournament. This is a review of the first two rounds in the group stage and a preview of the upcoming stages in the tournament.

Most importantly the qualification criterion of Pakistan in today’s game against the Dutch is also analyzed.


Two rounds in Group stage of the T20 world cup have come to an end yesterday.

Group A – India, Bangladesh, Ireland

As expected t20 champions have qualified to next round but has some niggles in the team and in the performances too, hope they rectify it before they face Ireland tomorrow. Ireland on the other end shut the door for Bangladesh with an upset win yesterday. One of the unexpected (upset win) which Bangladesh was doing these many years in the world tournaments but now they were at the receiving end.

Group D – New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland

Expected stuff, both the giants thrashed Scots and entered next round, but the game between them tomorrow speaks a lot for their momentum and supremacy in their group.

Group C – Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies

Group of death given the way for Hell to Australia the so called ODI champions who have been struggling over the past couple of years in terms of consistency in all forms of the game. Mendis magic did upset for Australia yesterday and the Gayle raw power on the other day. So survival test was easily passed by Sri Lankans and Windies. Its all about points and score to carry forward for the next game, literally, their Super Eight stage starts from tomorrow itself when they face each other.

Group B – Pakistan, England, Netherlands

What to turn around within a couple of days, Dutch beat English who then was considered as out of the tournament as Pakistanis were in good form and yesteryear’s runner up tag, but england’s win against Pakistan put back in the groove for England who qualified for next round irrespective of the result on today’s match.

What Pakistan needs to do inorder to qualify for the next round?

Pakistan need to win by a margin of 24.5 (25) runs or by a minimum run rate difference of 1.225. For example, if Pakistan bat first putting a score of 160, then they need to restrict Dutch for 135 runs or if Dutch scoring 160 or 140, Pakistan need to chase within 17.1overs or 17.0overs respectively. So minimum of 3overs spare is required for Pakistan if they chase down a total.


Super Eight

Due to some upsets the super eight may lack some firepower and glamour. How the teams stack up in the next round irrespective of their ranks in the group stage?

Group E India England West Indies South Africa

Group F New Zealand Sri Lanka Ireland Pakistan/Netherland

Group E is tougher comparatively where India is placed. So it will be a good contest to watch group E matches than the other group. But irrespective of the results, the teams in group E has tougher opponents from now on, even in semis, where as Group F has relatively a smooth one to the semis.

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