Friday, November 20, 2009

Hope.... The Elixir Of Life

Just wrote this today morning. I guess it sounds a bit hopeful.

Hope - The Elixir of Life....

Just one of the days Im feeling low
Not knowing what else i do not know
Seems im straying away as i had lost track of my life
Besieged by ire, haplessness, sloth, dissent and strife

When evey hope I carried seems to fade away,
The roads i've tread seems so far away
While everything thatz me is totally retarded
And all your distant dreams have fatally departed

I kept staring at the dark and infinite sky
Asking the glimmering stars as to why ?
Why was I not the chosen one ??
Why should I die as yet another one ???

Why isn't truth always the triumphant one ?
Why is this life so mean and nasty than fun ??
Is it so that the happiness is a perception of life
I guess its a deception thatz so shoddy & naive

Yet therez something in me that cries so foul,
And says dreams cannot die, be doomed to furl.
They transform and haunt you for all your days
Till you come to terms with your ways but never frays.

For they are the elixir of every lives in the world
full of hopes like those stories as a kid you were told.
The Beauty of life that I can now see
For i guess i've got new wings up to flee

Dreams so many that have sprung like a tree
The fight is on for I must to be free
I shall not give up for i stand reformed
From dreams to reality Now i hope to be transformed

Remember Hope is what that springs into life
and makes it a journey so exciting to ride
Worry not for you have miles to go before you sleep
For there is no time to whine and weep.

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