Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life has started to move on...

A lot has been happening these days adding some pace to my otherwise placid life. Be it personal or related to work. Personally if not for me, there has been some developments in the form of my bro. Which had me to do few things.
And as for me i had a fall from my bike (i can sense ur pleasure and deja vu's) owing to a floating point error in my calculation while i did a steep skew to turn right on my way to Vehicle stand (fortunately) i had few ppl who are still gracious enuff to help me given all the trouble i gave'em. Thanks to PAP for helping me the most not fogetting others. And with a bit of mess with my tooths, im still living on...
There had been quite a few developments in my other part of the  life, had to change back again to our earlier place (got back to where we belong) rather perturbed. Looks like a new cog is fitting in... and i hope to get back to the blog buisness like i used to before.

Just thought of tell u im very much alive to trouble for days to come... Cheerz mates

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