Thursday, June 25, 2009

Musings : what i am today...

one more grueling week of cricket and it feels like all your masteries of the past had been ripped-off from you and all you can do is just keep watching as everything fades away.
I may not have been a gilly in batting and keeping but seriously i was someone who could atleast grasp a leg-cutter or a googly a yard away. Now it all seems to be a thing of a past now. Its not just that im not playing well its just that to how extent i am surfing low that is bothering me.
I have never told my pals whom i play with of my previous stints as it'd be very hard for them to believe for i cannot contemplate myself as if i did something. I had to scratch my head off a while so as to believe that i was capable of doing something.
Now i couldn't even watch the ball on the flight as everything crumbles away it shells ur confidence and all you could do is just guess and live somehow which made my pals joke at me.. Further pathetic is my keeping these days. I could hardly grab a ball (i hope atleast my team and those who had played with me during my college days would vouch for me for old times sake) And the days i had undergone coaching along with the other one for keeping are still distant memories fading away fastly. All i could remember now is a faint image of a comparitively less obese maniac who could grab a 110K ball with finneese (well cmon guys this came in a flow, if not with fineese say with a bit of trouble) :) ...
Well i did not wanted to boast-off my previous achievements to those who make fun out of me just to prove that i had been there sometimes. I just wanted to keep remembering the good old days so that i could just live of  another day hoping this ill-luck of mine would pass away somehow and that go-lucky guy in me resurfaces again to  turn the things around and i'll hit rajesh for a six next time when he shows me the grunting face of his and says those demeaning words to you. You cant just be hit always at some point of time you had to hit back isn't it??

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