Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oblivion - Endless Road Of Misery

It has been long since i posted my verses... Hoping would post some more... Hopefully from the brighter part of my life unlike this one.... So stay put guyz...
The Endless Road Of Misery
Standing all by myself as i gaze at the sky
Along the bay watching those ships steer by
Marching towards their destiny they cruise
I was Trying to make sense to my life since it all went aloof
I Stood there starting the at faces that cross me by
Watching my entire life just passing me by
Too scared to leave, too frightened to stay
Wondering how do I get through one more cloudy day
This is not at all the life I had planned
Mapped out with directions, compass in hand
Instead I am on the road to oblivion
Miserable inside, yet I go on pretending i'll move on
I've been entangled in this void since the day you have gone
Time and again misery keeps following me on
Trying to realize where it all had gone wrong
Who was I once and what I have become
amidst the shimmering life, I've been fighting myself on
Trapped in the past for too long
With diminishing hopes as days pass on
Wondering if i'll find a way back into life
This book of sorrow is stuck in a page
No matter how hard I run, Im still gasping for breath in the same cage
Sometimes it seems as eons have passed me by
Waiting like a lonely moon and crying within the infinite sky
Emptiness wonders how much more can I take
Not knowing what lies ahead  more mistakes to make
But through it all I still keep walking on
Following me, the Darkness still keeps stalking on
Chasing the shadow of mine
I still keep walking on this endless road of misery
Loneliness ahead, emptiness behind
wondering how long can I go on?
- Chuppandi

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