Thursday, September 10, 2009

Betrayal - Yet again...

I guess i've been prudent enough all these years not to divulge too much into what i do for a living (work life). But whenever i think of posting something these days the first thing that comes over my is that. I feel so compelling to let my readers (if there is someone out there who really reads my musings) know of what am I going through. The prime reason for which is that it is 'THE' most Happening part in my life these days. I guess there's nothing more worth a word happening otherwise as the thought of which engulf's me to ruin all my day.
It pretty hard when you wake-up everyday in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is this and it takes a while to realize that you just aren't living a bad dream but a grave reality.. It pains for the entire day only to start all-over again the other. It never seem to recede.  Not even in miniscule proportions and branches out in every fragments of your life.
I know i might sound all the more same in my last few posts. But still this is what Im going through. A passing cloud may be or a permanent storm as the case  may well be. There is not an ioata of doubt in me that i'll see through these rough patches (treacherous) but the fact is that i ain't enjoying it no more like i usually do. Probably because of the sheer magnitude of treason and betrayal that it radiates. It hurts and it hurts where it'll pain the most and that makes it
much harder to digest.
well enough rambling around i think its better I get straight to the point for I think you guys deserve more to know the reason, the cause of all these anomalies (or common for me to some degree) mainly because i value you all for enduring so much to read all the crap and darn musing i've spitted out every while. I guess you guys mean much to me... More than my boss (umpteen number of times)
It all started with the annual appraisal scheme thate we have like any other corporate. I was rated as one of the lowest performer this year (neither i was recognized as the otherwise till now. But that the thing of the past) Though i guess most of the ppl agree that i had indeed done a commendable job if not  a spectacular (atleast to me) i indeed had a preconcieved notion in my mind that i'd be beaten this year around too but what came as a shocker is this. How can you be so damned for whatever gook work you do amid all the demotivating ambience. I still  gasped hard to surf through the wild storm but never realized that its only getting bigger day after another.....
God knows where this trail lead me to....

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