Sunday, August 20, 2006

Endless Road Of Misery

Standing all by myselfI stare at the infinite sky

Watching my entire lifejust passing me by

Too scared to leave,too frightened to stay

How do I get throughone more cloudy day

This is not at all the lifeI had planned

Mapped out with directions,compass in hand

InsteadI am on the road that has no end

Miserable inside,yet I go on and pretend

Since you have been gone,I am trapped in this pain

Misery keeps following me again and again

Trying to realizewhere have I gone wrong

Who was I onceand what I have become

This book of sorrowis stuck on one page

No matter how hard I run,I breathe in the same cage

Sometimes it seemsas million years have passed meby

Waiting like a lonely moonand crying with the infinite sky

Emptiness wondershow much more can I take

Don't know what is aheadbut its one more mistake

But through it allI still keep walking on Following me,

the Darkness keeps stalking onChasing your shadow,

I keep walkingon this endless road

Loneliness ahead,emptiness behind

how long can I go on?

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