Tuesday, September 05, 2006


As I was standing near the door of my coach, my mind went back reeling to the words of my wisdom, the vision of my idol, My grandpa spoke ... Reminding me his words, never turn down, for who turn down is a loser and one who races through the troubles wins the race.. I've decided to run the race. Will i come back with cherishable memories, or will i come back the day it starts ??? it all was a mystery by that time. I went back to my seat and started to see the notes given by anandamurali. All the examples he had given. I knew it would be different. But the magnitude depends upon my fate i decided. And really enjoyed the travel that night... After the train went to the AP, a group of College guys from tibet gave company to me.. They were around 50-60 ppl. 6 of those guys were in my compartment. 4 of them were girls and 2 guys. we talked about the culture on each part and about their places of visit and about our professions too.. Luckily for me they too were happened to be engineers but from IT. And finally their destination arrived by the next morning around 10. We all exchanged our contacts...

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