Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CHILD ABUSE: How concerned are you?

I got a forwarded link from a friend of mine and I went to the site in all good intentions.

The site covers two main issues.
Child Pornography on the internet
Child abuse at home.

The means it says that it can eradicate it:
Get a million email addresses from all over the world and do —– —– —-.
Seriously, I have never seen a site that doesn’t say what it is planning to do with the list. Here are my options though.

The list would be submitted to all the technology vendors, ISPS, Governments throughout the world.

Those concerned will get to know that there exists an evil called ‘child pornography’ and would empathasize with the million others who submitted the petition.

It would stop all pornography sites on the internet.

It would send one military person per home to check on child abuse.

Child abuse at home would also stop.

The world would be a better place to live in. And everyone would live happily ever after.
But I know what is going to happen.
If you have been getting 10 spam mails till now, it might double.
Soon, people might be interested in offering you loans, degrees or even silicone breast implants.
Well, how plausible is my idea? Are these guys kidding? A search on light a million candles yielded me 535,000 links (mostly over enthusiastic blogs) pointing to this site in their attempt to save the world. But I can’t be ridiculing someone if I don’t have an answer to something. Isn’t it? And I say, Yes. I do have the answer to it.
Read this:
From what I hear, the government is already concerned at this. It doesn’t need a million addresses to know that this happens and it needs to do something. If you really think that God sent you to this world to eradicate this, you would just need to do atleast one of the following.
Stop abusing children. (Learn to accept that anyone has modesty. This includes not looking at their private parts let alone touching them).

If you know that some neighbourhood kid is abused, call up the police.
If you find some porn site on the web, submit it to the concerned government cell.

Does this make sense?

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