Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Fool's Paradise

A Fool's Paradise

Being the 1st of April - The Fools day.. And if you guess iam gonna write about how the fools day originated, the custom, the best pranks played etc etc, Nope.... Im sorry. Iam not gonna to write any of it and the reason i say that is coz i myself do not know what iam goint to write. Hands on the Keyboard, Eyes on the monitor and the brain still wandering... Lost somewhere out there on the gaze of my mind... Thats the status message from me..

But pretty sure iam not going to write about the custom of the fools day because every fool knows that . Hold on a second.. I meant only fools know that..Why do we need to know that. That is the funniest question... ? On a serious note, life need not be so serious after all.. I know so many people who take life so so seriously, that i really pity them. I do it to myself also a lot of the times.. And then realise life is not about career, job, or money. Its more about living , helping, celebrations, family, friends , travelling, music and dance. There was this saying - if you want to achieve your dreams, wake up.. Scrap complete scrap..In worrying about the past, and planning our future, we sometimes forget to live the present..

Sometimes i wonder why do i think , and why do i need to think about my career one year down the line when i dont really know what iam gonna do today evening. Eccentricity you may say, but without the eccentrics, without the sardarji jokes our life would not be the same fun after all.. To me my life should mean variety - variety in the kinda jobs i do, new friends everyday, better relationships , lots of movies , lots of games, visiting lots of places, a feeling of getting up everyday charged up to go to office, a feeling of sadness that a day has ended and a sense of excitement that the new day is about to being , a sense of fulfillment making others happy. And hold on .. i suddenly realised, i dont enjoy any of them.... There is no space for my career, my job and money . Life is too short to worry about such things. iam not going to spend any of my time worrying about this...Do my duties dutifully and if i succeed, great ..And if i don't , well iam not bothered as long as i give my best shot..Success they say is a relative thing. Think the sameapplies to money and happiness too..

Lessons usually are learnt in the struggle and not the victory . And life lived is in the journey rather the destination. Andthe choice very clearly is between the journey and the destination. Journey to me looks more tempting !

Iam happy for that..Happy for myself not to set such materialistic goals.. Its a Fool's Paradise maybe, but a Paradise iam in.. And if you thought i did not make any sense at all, the piece was complete rubbish..well..i can just say ... afterall, im just anotherfool too.. Fooling myself...

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