Monday, April 16, 2007

Total Chaos

I am in one of my infamous rambling and grumbling moods tonite... Why is that my books have to be in my bookshelf and why not just strewn around in my living room? After all I live there. and why is that my office binny should be neat and spotless with everything arranged in their places? why is that my whiteboard should make sense to all and sundry? Am I not allowed to write my own crypts? What I whiteboard makes sense to me!!!Why should I always take the shortest route to my mailbox? Why not walk a new route every now and then? Why must I be organized when I can perfectly make sense out of the nonsense I create? And why must I work from 9am-5pm and not 9pm-5am when I am wide alert???

I love the chaos I create arnd me...books arnd me, my cds closeby, my papers scattered haphazardly - everything within a hand's reach. Yeah, I sometimes misplace my stuff but thats ok since I always manage to locate them. I have to endure lectures from all and sundry abt my so-called sloppiness and laziness and then help them locate their missing stuff!!!! If organized means they can find what they want when they want it, then I wonder why I am often called to help find things my 'organized' friends/family keep misplacing.


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