Monday, February 11, 2008

Now its u.....

Now you, feeling the same things I do, the feelings of need, the warmth and care, do you take a chance, do you dare?

Maybe it will be uncomfortable at first, sometimes confused by our loneliness our hunger and thirst,

I can’t say what your hearts telling you, I can only pray were on the same page and you’re feeling it too.

Built by friendship and the need to talk everyday, we have both come to a point in our life that true feelings exist in the words that we say,

I assure you our friendship is built to last, for I am not a child, the future is grown from a shared past.

Becoming friends with you and feeling the way that I do, you’ll always be and are my best friend tried and true.

So if in the end friendship is all that you desire, I will still feel blessed by the chance to feel the heat and the warmth from your fire.

There will not be a one night stand, no matter what happens, you’ve helped to make me grow into a caring man, thankful for your honesty and your reaching hand…

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