Friday, April 18, 2008

Are you a Breakthrough Thinker?

Well what can i say.. Another interesting blog from Ken Hudson in his Idea Space.. thought it would interest my readers as well.....

Are you a Breakthrough Thinker? - Kens Blog - The Idea Space

On my business card I have called myself The Idea Space: Chief Breakthrough Thinker. This begs the question what is a breakthrough thinker and why is it important?

I will deal with the second question first. To be a breakthrough thinker is the most important qualification you can have on your resume. In an information rich world, the ability to create new concepts from existing information is vital. More and more, the nature of work in organisations today is generative rather than process. In other-words the people who can generate new ideas, insights and concepts to adapt to a rapidly changing world will be the most valued.

But what is a breakthrough thinker? If you can answer yes to the following five questions then you probably are:

1. Do you generate a regular flow of original ideas?
2. Can you escape from what has gone on in the past?
3. Do you challenge existing assumptions, beliefs and conventions?
4. Can you create big, new ideas quickly?
5. Do you ’see’ opportunities before others?

If the answers are yes to all these questions and you are working for a large organisation. Ask for a pay rise immediately and/or leave. You will have a much better and more enjoyable time running your own business.

Ken Hudson

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