Thursday, April 03, 2008

Money making from home through designs all over the world - Tip of the Day...

Tell me, do you know what is Zazzle, Printfection, Artsnow, Spreadshirt, and Cafepress? ..Don't know?? Well, these are web companies where you can go RIGHT NOW and open an AMAZING free store, then you can start uploading all your images, graphics, designs, photos, or illustrations, for what? So they can PAY YOU from $1 dollar to $100 dollars (you choose how much you want to earn) in royalties for EVERY SINGLE TIME they sell a product (t-shirt, mouse pad, mug, sweater, poster, key chain, USB item, PSP cover, etc.) with your graphics printed on it! ..Incredible, isn't it? And, you know what is the best part of all this? Well, the best part of all this is that you DO NOT have to invest any money at all, NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR EVER, that's what make these companies so special, and that's why they have millions of members from all over the U.S. and around the world. Right Now this is the fastest and easiest way to make money Online, and right from home! The only investment you have to put up front is your artwork, that's it! ..Don't have designs to offer? ..No problem, keep reading!

These companies call this system, set it and forget it, why? Because, "literally" you don't have to do anything, they handle all the process for you. From making sure that all your designs get exposed globally through Google, to taking orders and shipping the products world wide, all they ask you is to submit a nice design so YOU and THEM can make money from it, understand?

The process is really simple, you open a free store, you submit your designs, then you choose how much money you want to earn in royalties for the use of your graphics on their products, and that's basically it (from your part), they do the rest! Now, as soon as they make a sale with your design printed on it they will immediately send you an Email letting you know of this transaction, so then you can go to your account and withdraw the payment, that's how it works! ..Simple isn't it? Most of these companies pay once a month, some pay via check (by regular mail) while others pay Online through PayPal.

Now, let me be honest with you, if you set up a store with just 1 or 2 designs probably you won't make any money at all, UNLESS you have super incredible designs, a never seen before designs, understand? But now, if you set up a store with 15-20 designs, then you are talking business, you are about to make good money! Believe it or not but your potential visitors will consider you as a full time designer (seller), understand? Now, if you set up a store with 50 or more designs then let me tell you that your success on ANY of these companies is 100% ALREADY GUARANTEED!!! Now, if you don't own 15, 20, or 50 designs then I suggest you to visit the address (link) below. This veteran Cafepress member has multiple stores with hundreds of designs, he has like 17 different stores and today is selling one of them and for only $125, well in reality what he's selling are all the designs that are in his store, 89 in total. Now tell me, do you know how many products you can put out for sale using these 89 designs? ..Any idea? ..Believe it or not but with 89 designs you could have RIGHT NOW over 9,700 products, that's a SUPER ULTRA MEGA MALL, and that's only through Cafepress, understand? The good thing about his designs is that all of them are in 300dpi of resolution which is the highest resolution that it can be produced for these print on demand web companies. Also, these images are already with Alpha 32bit Transparency which means that they can be used on ANY background color tshirt or material. I personally believe that $125 is a total steal, that's not even $2 dollars for each design, and considering that most graphic designers charge $55 dollars per hour then you can image, this is a great bargain. Another good thing about these designs is that all of them are related to one theme which is very crucial, VERY IMPORTANT to look professional in what you are offering to the public.

So, if you consider to get in this business, then I definitely recommend you to get this collection, even if you are not ready yet, why? Because he will be offering it only to a limited number of people, I believe it's no more than 10. Also, another good reason why you should get these designs is "because" every single year Americans spend billions of dollars in products related the Red, White and Blue flag, and these designs are related to it but in a very CLEAN, CLASSIC, and UNIQUE WAY that everybody loves, if you like Jeans then you will love his work! ..Ooh! Did I mention that 78% of the people who buy from these web companies are located in the US?

Well my friends, that was my tip of the day, I hope you like it and make good money with these companies! If you have a great info-tip please send it to me so I can publish it :-) Thanks for reading.


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