Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Sweet Love Story Part 1 ( An usual Love Sotry )

It was the end of a usual tiring day. I had returned from office ennervated and tired after undergoing an arduous routine throughout the day. Today, my house had a different air around it. My parents were behaving in a different manner and that didnt go unnoticed by me. I knew that eventually something would come up at dinner so I didnt bother to ask.
Dinnner time finally arrived and I sat along with my parents waiting for them to break the suspense. As the silence lingered, my parents talking in hushed tones obviously how they are going to talk to me, I started feeling uneasy. I was hoping...Oh God...anything but that please.....finally the thought I dreaded came from my wonderful mothers mouth..."Vikku, we have seen a girl for you. Your horoscopes have matched and we are going to meet her family tomorrow so come early from office."
As soon as I heard that, I groaned with agony. I was a fiercely independent person who loved his independence. I was really unsure how I would be able to adjust in this new relation. The idea of losing it was a bit painful, a view all bachelors would share. I tried to wrigle out of it but no avail. Finally I gave in and asked my mother what is the girls name. And the reply was the girls name is "Ananya".
This name sounded really familiar to fact...more than familiar. I retired for the day and was lying in my bed thinking about my past, something I had locked somewhere away in my life. I closed my eyes searching for the face which haunted me throughout these years, the face...on which even a smile would light up my entire day and for which I was even willing to die a thousand deaths.......yes that face was Ananya' Ananya's.
Ananya always had a larger than life personality. A very sweet girl with a never say die attitude and always lightens the atmosphere around her. Though we share the same friends circle, I never had the courage to talk to her. She was always yakking around with everyone she knew and was always there for her friends. Our talks were always limited to studies, notes and other boring stuff. But she made me realise that my life is incomplete without her.
There were numerous occassions when I tried to tell her what I felt but ended up fumbling with words. Finally the moment came...we had planned a trip to Kodaikanal...just a group and Ananya was also coming (well...that was the only reason why I decided to camp along)...all of us had a great time sightseeing. After sometime Ananya just wanted to sit down and she told us to continue. We were not for the idea of leaving her alone and here, I grabbed the chance with both my hands and told the guys that I will stay here and you people continue.
Ananya was as usual at her radiant best and one look at her beautiful face is enough for a guy to lose his mind completly. I gathered enough courage to start the topic. I said "Anu, If you dont mind, can I talk to you about something??'Ananya: "Sure Vivek, why are you hesitating...?Are you going to propose to me or what??" There was a childish chuckle on her face when she said that. GOD!!!I hate these girls for this...they very well know whats going on in your mind but they plead ignorance...
I: "Ya you are absolutely right...thats what I was going to say"Ananya: "Go on what do you want to say...chuckles again"....God this was too much for me to take.
I immediately took out a red rose from my pocket, the one I wanted to give her when I profess my love, went down on one knee and said ..."Anu, I may not be the smartest or the most romantic guy around but believe me...I really love you and would do absolutely anything for you. Every time you smile at me, I feel as if I have been reborn. You have given my life a new meaning and have absolutely no idea of what difference you have made to it. All I know is my life without you would be hell. Please....will you be mine??"
She was surprised...rather I would say shocked!!!!"How can you say this Vivek?? I mean how can you even think about this??" "Why what is wrong" I asked. "There is absolutely nothing wrong...but I never felt the same way for you. I respect you as a person and as a friend but nothing beyond that. My parents trust me a lot and I would not want to let them down. We will be good friends forever."
I felt that my entire world came crashing down that day. Soon after, the others returned and this incident never came up. I made it a point to avoid Ananya and no one suspected a thing as I never spoke to her much. Eventually, we finished college and moved to our respective careers. I never made any efforts to find out what she was doing or whether she was married and moved out of the country. I never thought about her.......................... until today.
Part 2 coming up!!!!

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