Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The real heroines of Indian History...

IT was a real pleasure to go through the profiles of women like Dr. Lakshmi Sehgal, who was a medical graduate way back in 1938 and who joined the Indian National Army; Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, who took a stand against child marriage and the abhorrent devdasi system, then widely prevalent; K.P. Janaki, the “Amma” of the poor; Mallu Swarajyam, the brave leader of the Telangana armed struggle; Ahilya Rangnekar, one of the founders of the All Indian Democratic Women’s Association; Suseela Gopalan, once tipped to be the Chief Minister of Kerala; K.R. Gouri Amma, the longest serving member in the Kerala Assembly; and Mrinal Gore, fondly called “Paniwali Bai” (Cover Story, June 6).

These women, who carved out a space for themselves in the public sphere at a time when it was much more difficult for women to do so than it is today, are the real heroines of our country.

Frontline has really made a mark by unearthing these stories of the real heroines of india...

Read about The Pioneers:
Dr. Lakshmi Sehgal
Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy
K.P. Janaki
Mallu Swarajyam
Ahilya Rangnekar
Suseela Gopalan
K.R. Gouri Amma
Mrinal Gore

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