Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book i wish to read - The Messiah Code - by Michael Cordy

Hope to read this... supposed to be an intriguing read on yet another conflict between science and religion . This time from a british author Michael Cordy (not dan brown). Ironically all of his 4 books were republished with new titles. this being The Miracle Strain might've got its inpiration from The Davinci Code (Of Dan Brown) The storyline of this book is below..

‘…imagine a world … with such an enormous population, that instead of a heaven on earth, we would create a living hell. No space. No food. No respect for life or death — and certainly not God. Just a crowded desert of lost souls assured of only one certainty — a long life of suffering.’

So believes Father Ezekiel, leader of an ancient brotherhood that prepares for the coming of the New Messiah. The sign that the Messiah has arrived has come. Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Carter, an atheist and a great genetic scientist, is racing against time to find a cure for his eight-year-old daughter’s brain cancer. Soon he realises that her only hope may lie in the blood of salvation shed over two thousand years ago. According to the brotherhood, Carter is the Devil’s agent, who seeks to play God by altering genetic components, and extending people’s lives.

But they need Carter and his genetic software to find their new Messiah.This book takes you on a thrilling ride as it tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Christ. At the same time, the author has done well to steer away from controversy. It book makes you marvel at the advances in genetic technology and makes you wonder whether there is any biological relic of Christ. And if so, what would it reveal?

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