Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool Invention: So busy that you wish you had another hand?

The people at Spot Industries have taken this concept quite literally with an articulated robotic human-like hand and forearm assembly appropriately named "Handy". The heavy industrial giant's first foray into the consumer market was actually precipitated by a proprietary battery technology and the availability of high strength, cheap to produce and 100% recyclable polymers that could actually bring concepts such as Handy into the reach of a much broader consumer market.

Spot Industries spokesperson So Soon Dun states "Handy could be useful for any number of domestic tasks such as washing, hammering, painting, digging, kneading, the only limit is your imagination." He went on to mention that "Handy has a very, very firm but soft grip and its ability to oscillate up and down at select speeds is quite satisfying."

The first model of the Handy is being planned for initial release into the marketplace sometime in the next two years. The Handy is very lightweight at less than 7 Kg. It can be folded down to fit in a typical briefcase. So Soon Dun tells us that the first version will be the "tabletop model" which could easily fit on any side table, desk or workbench. Future editions may come with freestanding legs, wheels or possibly even a harness to allow for greater user mobility and ease of use.

Handy will come with USB and midi ports and be wireless capable for use with ipods, keyboards and computers. Handy's fuzzy AI logic will allow it to learn its owners preferences very efficiently. So Soon Dun reminds us that whether a robotic device builds cars or waters your plants - the job should be done right.

We concur, hands free never had it so good.

Rod Bland InventorSpot.com

Our Guest Blogger, Rod Bland, is an aspiring inventor and has worked as a visual effects artist and animator for the past 15 years in the television, movie & advertising industries.

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