Friday, July 18, 2008

Elevator ???

Ever wondered why everything in life is got to be a struggle. I mean are there people for whom everything is a breeze ? If so have you wondered in which planet these people live in and why we are never one of them. I mean it would not kill us to have things done real easy once in a while , don’t you think ?

Should everything be a fight ensued by jitters wondering what the outcome is going to be, if we are going to succeed in whatever our attempt maybe. Should every
step we take on any front be necessarily an anxiety-causing one? Should the devil who whispers constantly in our ears “You might fail you know” with an exceedingly satisfied and smug look on his face always travel with us?

Why should there be steps in the first place? why cant we have elevators that just carry us to where we want ???

So Steps or Elevators guys ???????

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