Saturday, August 02, 2008

Global warming and the climate of

“It does, however, seem difficult to believe that our species, that has dominated the planet for a relatively short period of time, could have such a huge impact on our planet’s climate, whilst the Sun, the most massive body in the solar system whose influence dominates our planet, could have such little impact.”

So concludes Jeremy Dunning-Davies at the University of Hull in the UK in a paper discussing the various possible causes of climate change, including the influence of the Sun.

Dunning-Davies also says that a climate of fear has descended over the global warming issue that makes it hard to debate the science behind it in a reasonable way.

That’s a sorry state of affairs. Partly because the alternative hypothesis must alway be given the oxygen of open discussion. But not least because it means we’re going to miss something important when somebody, somewhere is afraid to speak up at the right time.


Some Comments on the Possible Causes of Climate Change

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