Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Musharraf's speech on PAK's Independence Day

I cannot help but laugh out-loud on hearing his comments. He surely seems so desperate to show his interst in his country by playing the cards so meanfully. By saying kashmir is in every pakistani's nerves, he surely will get on the nerves of the ruling govt. by saying this out-loud in a independence day speech he has not less than proved his credibility as another dictator of our times (The American being another)

this to his surprise is neither gonna buy him some time for his impeachment nor gonna earn him the respect of his own countrymen rather had only triggered the newdelhi responding in cold steel.

How could we've talked for the peace and unity of kashmir with this satan who says uniting kashmir with pak is embeded in the nerves of every pak's adding fuel to the burning fire...
i dont think this neither gonna help him nor his countrymen in improving their credibility with the world.

I think its time Pak stops thinking about India alone and rather concentrate on its own affairs (staking in aplenty)

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