Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why do we need labels?- An Awakening

People cannot handle labels. People get ego involved with labels. Labels, somehow close the minds of people. Whatever is said under the guise of a label is never well received. Tell him, “Green leafy vegetables are good for you,” and he will take it. Instead tell him, “As a strict vegetarian I suggest you start having green leafy vegetables,” and he will argue with you. The label 'vegetarian' is the problem.

Tell him, “Forgive him. Love even those who have hurt you,” and he may heed to you. Tell him, “Me being a true Christian, I request you to forgive and love even your enemies,” and you are dealing with someone who is psychologically deaf. The label 'Christian' is the problem. Tell her, “I wish our airports are more organised,” and she will endorse your view. Tell her, “Living in Singapore I have seen how organised things can be. I wish even our airports are more organised,” and you will be considered a national outcast. The label is again the problem.

Advice her, “Why don't you take care of your health,” and your wife infers that as love. “As a husband I think I have the right to tell you to care for your health,” and you had it… Ask him to come home on time and he appreciates your concern. Instead tell him, “I have seen my father and brother too work. Why can't you come home on time,” and you will encounter the longest face in town.

She has a problem with your Rotary involvement. He doesn't like you referring to Frozen Thoughts so many times. “You keep your Frozen Thoughts stuff to yourself,” he would snap. One is anti-Brahmin and the other cannot trust people

from Assam. All Marwaris are like that… T.T.Rangarajan is okay but the 'Editor' Rangarajan is a problem.

This is a human frailty. Man, in confronting labels, somehow feels less about himself. So he tries to defend it with all his might, which is his ego. Inexplicably, labels make men suffer a complex. He has no problem with you. His problem is what you represent - the chair, the position, the religion, etc…

Why do we need labels? Is the position glorifying you or is it you who is glorifying the position? Does the chair need you or you need the chair? If labels alone define you then you cannot do without the labels. Anyone who lives on the

strength of labels can never have deep relationships. If you are the one who is adding value to the labels, then you don't need the labels. That's the beginning of deep relationships.

When you, as just you, are enough unto yourself - that's independence. In it is true freedom. Help yourself and help others… Just drop your labels. You are enough… more than enough.

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