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When the old order…

The Indian cricket team has seen two of their players retiring. The face of the team is bound to undergo a change. Will it be for the better or for the worse? How will the team cope? This is what kids had to say…

"With emerging talent how can one assume that the indian team will not do well."


What happens when legends call it a day? Who will take their place? We asked kids what they thought of this and most of them said the future did hold a lot of promise with younger players being given a chance to get in. So as they wave goodbye to the stalwarts there is hope in the future.

Shantanu, a Std. V student of D.A.V. school, thought that it was a positive change. He felt that India would win anyway with the fresh talent they would absorb after Kumble and Ganguly’s retirement. “The fact that they won’t be seen on the cricket pitch does make me sad,” he says. “It’s about time they retired, they have played brilliantly but the team needs to play on,” feels Shashank, a Std. VII student of The Grove School. He also adds that their retirement will not hamper the match but may just dampen the spirit for a while.

Aparajith and Indrajith, Std IX students of St. Bede’s, feel that cricket would never remain the same but its good that they are retiring at this stage as the team needs new players.

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Sourav Ganguly: Fond farewell.

Akshaya, a Std. IX student of Balalok Matriculation School believes that opportunity should not be curbed and limited to the existing team. “With emerging talent how can one assume that the Indian team will not do well. I am positive that young blood will only work in favour of the team and giving chances to other players is only fair.”

Saying goodbye
However, Tejas a Std. VIII student of Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School feels that Kumble’s loss will be etched in history. He deems that Indian team does have good players both in the batting as well as bowling fields and hence there was no need to fret.

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Anil Kumble: Time to say goodbye.

Aaron Fernandes, who studies in Std. VIII at Bishop Cotton’s Boys High School, said that Anil Kumble’s retirement came as a “sad and shocking” news to him. “He is the highest wicket taker in Indian Test Cricket and has been an inspiration to me as a cricketer. I feel he should not have retired so abruptly, but should have retired after the series. Anil Kumble was a ‘gentle giant’ as he spoke less and worked more on the field,” he said.

Sairam Ramesh, a student of Std. VIII, Frank Anthony Public School, feels that Anil Kumble has retired at the right age. “When he started off, he used to get two three wickets in an innings, but now the wickets have become scarce. He has inspired me because he studied very well even as he was pursuing his cricket career.”

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Rahul Dravid: Decisive moment.

Abhinav Manohar, of Std. IX student of St. Joseph’s European High School, said: “I am a state level under-14 player and Kumble has been my role model for a long time now. I feel he should have retired much earlier. Although Kumble was made the captain of the Indian test game a little too late and he had much more talent to showcase, it is time for him to hand over the mantle of captaincy to Dhoni. What Kumble lacked was a variety in his bowling.” Abhishek Kumar, a student of Std. XII, Decent Public School, said, “There are big expectations from the young guns. I think they will take some time to match the hopes.” Mohammed Arif, a student of Std. X, Decent Public School, called Sourav Ganguly his idol. “His retirement has disappointed me. He had in him a few more Tests. His retirement has created a big vacuum, which will be difficult to fill.”

Jamaluddin, a student of Std. VIII of the same school, felt Harbhajan Singh will take over as the senior spinner after Kumble’s retirement. “Gautam Gambhir has emerged as a good player at the top of the order, so Sourav Ganguly’s absence won’t be felt much.”

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Sachin Tendulkar : All time favourite.
Meanwhile Shikha of Cambridge school, Noida, was unhappy that soon Dravid will go too.

Shaheer Raza, a student of Std. VI, Mothers Convent School, said “Retirement of senior cricket players is necessary. It gives a chance to the youngsters. It will be fruitful for the Indian cricket if they sit back and guide the new players.” Kulsum Fatima, a student of St. XI, Jamia Millia S.S.S., said that the retirement of Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly disappointed her. It was not the appropriate time for their retirement. Other Indian cricket players are now too young; they need the experience of the senior players, she felt while Shyam Rajan of DLF School felt that the seniors have said goodbye at the right time. Omkar Yadav , a student of Std. XII, Shri Krishna Inter College, said, “Retirement of senior players is at the right time. Now new players will get opportunity to play international cricket.”

Decent Public School’s Ram Yadav, a student of Std. IX said it was true that senior players were more-experienced but younger ones should be given a chance to play and lead the team. “M.S. Dhoni has set an example for the youngsters. Dhoni has proved his skill and intelligence in all forms of the game and lived up to the faith reposed in him.”

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