Thursday, March 08, 2012

The other side of me - To my dear old friend from a shameful hound

Wrote a letter to my friend from the darker side of me which made me realize the true value of friendship.

I don't know if he'd read this at all. If ever he happens to.. 

Not a day goes by without feeling remorse for what I have been those while and the darker days of me gives me shrills even now.

I have been very mean and worst during those days even though u were so generous to pass me by when you could've literally run through me. 

I know the worst thing any man  can do is to betray his friend. I hung my head in shame everytime i think of it which is quite often I know you wouldn't even had thought of me all the while but I have been following you ever since ofcourse wishing meekly for I did not have the fortitude to even talk to you.

Really am that you now are married and doing well professionaly. I dont know what to say for no words is enough to complete the comprehension. But I guess i've left the chance even to say sorry to you to make amends for what i've done to you.

You really are a good human being and in your deed had rose more bigger than anybody else though im not sure am worthy of it. 

I know its too much to ask for another chance and forgiveness but nevertheless this is something thatz eating me always for im no more the kind of man I was (i dont know if I can explain that)

Anyways just wanted to say this to you at this hour of the night sorry yaar.. really am.. If you could really do that would make me at peace atleast as im increasingly feeling indebted to you given the juncture you exhibited that.  im not that cold-blodded afterall if only you had not erased all those memoirs of the days we spent together.

They say time heals all wounds not sure of mine though for here I am begging for forgivance.

sorry, being selfish here again this means a lot to me atleast would ease my burdens a bit.

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