Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yet another Arduino GSM-CDMA cell phone Adapter

How often you had imagined if you could use arduino to do this, that and what not... I always had felt if i could put this + arduino.. that + arduino like.. was actually wondering if only i get some problem on my way would hardly hesitate to make some soln out of Arduino :)

This shield has the ability to connect to high speed WCDMA & HSPA networks that could launch us perfectly to the "internet of things" era as they prefer to call it.
With an internal GPS wit hmobile cell ID triangulation using both assisted-mobile (A-GPS) and mobile-based (S-GPS) modes this gizmo of dreams surely lives up perfectly to fill the void in the hyper market.
what more.. with a cam of 640x480 resolution for both photo and video recordings, SD file system and all those fancy little things that gadget of todays come....

I don't necessarily believe throwing more hardware at a problem will fix it but I have not seen this brought up in here. Will this device make up for what the phonedrone is missing and save you guys some work?

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