Monday, May 21, 2012

I just wish...

How many times did I posted starting with 'I just wish'?? not sure but am certain of some good numbers though.

Don’t you just wish that someway somehow we all have just a sliver of control of the outcome of our own life??

That even though God is in control, that maybe, just maybe, that certain something happens that can control the falling dominos seemingly in an ordered disarray due in part to something you did, wished, or prayed??

‘Life’ can definitely throw some curve balls once in a while, and when it does it’s so weird how it “puts you back in place”, almost as if it’s a medicinal humbling pill.

I’ve experienced it way too many times. I call it’s God’s test of perseverance. Others call it life. But regardless it feels the same for both. Humbling, contrite, and sorrow for the soul and with a HOPE full of vivid optimism and gushing spirits.

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