Saturday, September 01, 2012

Me(a)n and Matters...

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. Oscar Wilde demotivational poster  - Oscar Wilde

Very True... The true self of every men is behind the facade that they've built as a bait to decoy others like a predator lures its prey !! Which also proves my point essentially man has never lost his predator instinct given all these years of evolution and so called Orthogenisis to a six sensed creature..

Also brings to the fore the essential primordialistic nature of Human Beings.. which in my view is going to be eventually consumed by the all powerful nature that will live for even given all these abuse of mother nature by the greatest ever predator on earth that will eventually dig its own grave.. 

Nature will heal all by itself just as a cut in your hand and the wound that heals by itself.. We the beings on earth currently inheriting the title as a greater predator are not actually worried of the earth or mother nature our concern is only that we will eventually pay our own way to the extinction and the mother earth will re-invent itself in its own way at it had been of all these infinite years..

The end is nigh.. and we are paving our own way.. It seems we cannot do anything much for the world we created is racing in its own pace like the amplitude of the variation keeps increasing with the time period like a in frequency plot.. not sure about the transfer function and if we can map it with any function that we have invented all these years. 

But yes evolution is a complex function even far less comprehended by the greatest ever who tried their best to map the function.. even far inconsequential is the musings of a brat like me.. Hope sanity prevails.. 

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