Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Much awaited Arduino TRE is out.. !!

As many of you already know, the Arduino TRE is not a typical Arduino board. It’s a Linux computer running on a Sitara processor, plus a full Arduino Leonardo. It builds upon the experience of both Arduino and, combining the strengths of both.
Can't wait to get one but still waiting for the real one for i don't have so much of spare time as before to dump my life on it.. But still would love to have one soon after the beta tests are over..

The Arduino TRE Developer Edition (see other pics) is a pre-production board. 

When using Arduino TRE  you’ll see a new editor (IDE) that has been specifically developed for this board. The TRE IDE comes pre-installed with the onboard Linux and is accessible via a web browser. It builds upon the simplicity of the Arduino software experience, while adding a few new powerful features (such as uploading sketches from the onboard Linux) and a refreshed UI.

A nice competition to Raspberry Pi

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