Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hi There..

Don't really know where to begin... I usually had a lot to share and had to hold myself back to zero-in to something to blog about. Now it seems my thoughts have curtailed themselves. They don't mean anything to me anymore.. I had managed to curtail those voices whispering in me..

I've finally come to terms to stop pretending the man I'm not.. I feel like I've been an impostor having no real aspirations in life fooling around myself with the higher accreditations and crediting myself for what I'm not..

Life throws its turns and I've chosen to let go each one of them for whatever reason. But yeah.. that's me that's what I'm made of even if it's a shitty thing. I'm the one who ducked myself at the prospect of getting blown over by every opportunity that knocked my doors.

Yeah so much water has flown under the bridge.  Now I'm supposed to be playing a grown up in-spite of having taken childish decisions myself only to screw myself more everytime.

And I was wondering how I used to ease myself up back then from all that happens and it turned out that I've had been musing a lot around this space not to let out to anybody or to confess to God almighty but it seemed helped.. a great deal at that..I don't really know from where I've stopped a daily ritual this was back then but it seemed had lost from my routine all of a sudden.

Now I hope I find the same solace in this place. Where I get to let out my blabbering thoughts though it hardly means a thing to anybody. Hope is what is only leftover in me.. nothing much to boast anymore I have long conceded my defeat for I've slept over the whole eon I had got to make it count.

I as usual hoping that those beautiful souls out there wouldn't mind me drifting away yet again and who knows something might turn-up for there's always some miracles around the corner for everybody that's what's life is all about afterall.. when u slept ur turn all you find is yourself waiting for some heaven's interference.. some miracles to happen eh..

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