Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh this new world of ours.....

Oh what is this new worldof the net
where each fish comes under a fake name
to fish other fish
and finally get into the net of their own imagination !

Oh what is this new world
where everything looks so real
and turns out but an illusion melting in nothingness
as the screen closes one window after another
to a world that exists but resists not to anything !

Oh what is this new world
where an old ugly face becomes Cyndrella at the click of a 'mouse'
and a slave is crowned with Prince's title
and one day both are drowned
in the ocean of fake identities created out of thin air.

Oh what is the new world
Where freindship grows, hatred breeds
love flourishes and nothing is left one day
but a blank screen that keeps from you all reality !
Oh what is this world of the internet?

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