Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Partying Chuppandi Style

Partying Does it really cheers u???

Suddenly this strange thing filled all my mind. What we've accomplished in life worth partying for. Just turning an year older and being stabbed by yet another milestone ??? Naah... I never find any reason worthwile to party. But as like in most of my things, i've been pushed to my limits these days. When I've got my confirmation order, all my dept. colleagues started askin for the party. Obviously I've agreed to it to..

I did not felt much that day but the other day when one of my fellow colleague gave his treat for his promotion, it all suddenly filled my thought for which i began choking and decided to party never again..
I was told by my dad that Mother Terasa when attending a christmas dinner went on to see a pile of cake being wasted and all she asked was to pack them. There are lot of people starving even for a single bun a day and i could atleast make some of them happy today instead of wasting these..
what do we gain by partying ??? Or is there anything that we accomplished that worth celebrating for?? these are the questions that turn to me when i think of celebrating. And obviously the reason one might say is that when you've done or accomplished something or attained some stage that u were longing for. Obviously you feel like celebrating. Thats the Human nature I agree. But we the humans being the sixthsensed creatures should think of the co-existing creatures too..

If you have an excess meal for the day or if you have enormous money for ur lifetime donate them to some for who starve even for a days meal and there are even worst people around the world who does not even have the comfort of wearing clean clothes,eating food atleast once in a day, without drinking water, much more....
Don't we being the fellow humans have some sense of concern for the other fellow human beings ??

Its so sad to tell u none of us including me really care. There are even lot of victims of the natural hazards who's parents bros sisters... lost their lives to the monstres like Tsunami, Earthquake etc.., Do we really have time to care about these... I dont know about any other person except im "SHAME ON MYSELF" for being such a crook leading a selfish life.

Let me tell u one such incident which fuelled this thing again in me..
One day we all got a message which was broadcasted throughout the comp. i work for. the one who sent the mail is a top level manager who has forwarded the message with a foot note saying we should do something about it. The content of the message is that, Our CEO's (who advocates all indian youths should have patriotism and work for the indian multinationals,who work for the good of the india rather working abroad) son who studied in USA and works there in some state i hardly know about. This guy claiming he is in a prestegious comp. the son of our CEO has given birth to a new child and the saddest part is that they've found shez having likeumia on bone marrow . and needs a replacement surgery for which they need some sample from someone who matches her and theirs hardly matches and there are few indians out there they can ask for. This guy wants us to inform the friends and relatives of the recipients who live in USto help them out.

I asked him only one question replying to his message. Aren't there any in India who suffer from much worse diseases?? How many neonetal cases were pending for causes like these??? How many people are dying to live out here day and night??? How many people suffer from the natural calamities?? aren't these seems to be worth worrying for ??Coz they're not CEO's relatives huh.. Shame on our race.. atleast this is what the fact is.

This kind of attitude should change. And cannot be changed unless the culture changes. Everyone should think of the other as a fellow human being. Afterall the money they have, the position they posses, the society they belong to, the race they were in... all these hardly matters when u die. What accounts in the real life is just a heart to feel for others.
My request is this. Whenever u feel like partying go the needy people. Celebrate with them. U can find lot of ashrams for aged,Homes for Orphans,Poor kids longing for education, people who suffer from diseases, victims of calamities.... it goes on. Atleast you can get some satisfaction.


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Swetha said...

Your idea might be quite revolutionary to think but actually it had become our culture nowadays and you can hardly change people.

But anyway your concern for the society is a great feeling which has to be appreciated.

You have a lot of things in ur blog im closely following urs.. Keep going... Actually im learning slot of thing