Tuesday, November 07, 2006

we are human...but are we humane??

we are human...but are we humane??

Human race is to which we all belong..
there had to be a unity very strong..
instead what is found everywhere...
is hatred and attitude of why-should-i-care.

we take pride in being the most intelligent race..
arrogance is writ all over human face..
but why am i writing "we"
its now all about you and me.

constantly engaged in mass killing..
in a manner that is mostly spine-chilling..
pogroms and massacres are order of the day..
and bleeding humanity by bombing it away..

when one's agony and plight..
becomes other's delight..
when a nation's power and pelf
using the God's name itself..

as if the God belongs to them only..
on promises of after-life heavenly..
youths are lured into killing innocents.
with a feeling of victory rather than repents..

it doesn't matter if a mother cries..
they seek jihad in her hopeless eyes..
its not enough if her only son goes..
their motive is to add to her woes..

they wont mind blowing her away as well..
as if they seek fragrance in this gory smell..
it may be a son,mother,father or daughter..
they dont blink an eye and just slaughter..

and slaughter they do in a manner dastard..
for fellow humans they have just utter disregard..
they may justify it by wearin a jihadi mask..
but the crying mother,the orphaned childask..

have you lost your sanity..are you insane..
you may be human..but are you humane??

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