Friday, April 25, 2008

15 Ads That Prove Sex Sells ...Best?

Sex sells. Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser's best friend.

Here are some recent ads where sex is used to sell all sorts of products. Looking at these ads, would you agree that sex really sells... best?

1) Lingerie

Let's start with one of the most popular example of so called "sexy" (and after reading this, you may think one of the classiest of suggestive) advertising campaigns.

The Victoria's Secret Angels.

For the consumer, it makes sense to use sex to sell lingerie, men's cologne, even liquor, but what about using sex to sell some of these other products?

2) I will let you guess what product this print ad is for...

A vacuum.

That's right. A company in Germany sells their household appliances, including vacuums, using images of women in fishnets and men tied up.

Maybe S and M does something for those looking to purchase a new vacuum? Who knew?

Do you see the vacuum in the bottom left corner? Look carefully, or you may miss the point of the ad.

Moving on...

3) Renova Toilet Paper

What about this print ad for Renova, a toilet paper brand? What's sexy about toilet paper?

4) Volvo Cars

Even automobile companies seem to believe sex sells best.

This suggestive advertising is from Volvo, and its titled "We Are Just As Excited As You Are."

Nice parking brake...

5) Coffee

What about this ad for an Italian coffee company? Coffee makes everyone think of sex, doesn't it?

6) Lynx Body Wash

And of course, what better way is there to sell men's body wash then with a sexy woman, slick and wet, in the shower? This print ad is for Lynx body wash.

Talk about gettin' dirty....

7) Carl's Jr. Hamburgers

Who could forget the infamous Paris Hilton ad? Remember Paris in a bikini washing a Bentley while eating a Carl's Jr. famous burger?

Doesn't everyone eat grease dripping burgers while washing their cars?

8) Milk

What about this Milk Gives ad that was displayed all over Canada to inform the public of the health benefits of drinking milk?

It's an eye-catching way to show the "benefits" of drinking milk.

9) PETA Fruits

Even PETA seems to believe that sex sells. This television commercial promotes the purchase of fruits and veggies. Who knew that buying produce could be such a turn on?

Along with saving animals, one fur coat at a time, PETA is apparently a good judge of melons too.

Or what about the newest PETA campaign.

And who better to promote the cause than America's favorite Playboy bunny...naked?

10) PUMA Clothing

There is really nothing to say that can add to this ad. Well, personally, I think they took "Sex Sells" just a little too far.

11) Herald Towers Condominiums

This is a print ad for the Herald Towers Condominiums in New York. What does sex have to do with real estate?

12) Che Magazine

This suggestive ad campaign was used in Belgium to promote a new men's magazine, Che. (OK, so maybe for a men's magazine, using sex to sell is an obvious marketing choice.)

13) Playstation 2

What better way to sell one of the hottest video game machines around then sex?

14) iPod

Take one of the best selling electronics products in the world. Combine it with sex and create something with even more heat? How much hotter can you get?

15) Aprilia Scooters

"On my scooter everything has to be perfect. " This newspaper ad is for an Italian scooter company targeting men.

What do you think of these advertisements? Do you think that they were effective in selling their product?

Do you think sex sell best or is it a lazy way to sell a product? Is there anything sex would not be good for selling?

What do you think of these ads? Know of any other that are particularly funny , hot or noteworthy that I missed?

Amy Gifford - Featured Blogger

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