Friday, April 25, 2008

Sexy Bikini Pants Combine Low-cut Jeans with a String Bikini

These outrageously sexy bikini pants from Sanna's Brazil Fashion, a Japanese clothing company, blur the line between blue jeans and a string bikini. And you know what? I'm all right with that!

Low-riding blue jeans are a fashion trend that seems to have long legs - pun definitely intended. The only question is, how low can they go? Sanna's Brazil Fashion seems to have given us the answer with their new line of bikini pants that combine ultra low-cut blue jeans with an integrated string bikini bottom. The effect is stunning... super sexy yet extremely flattering, and without showing more skin than a normal bikini displays.

Here they are being modeled on a Japanese TV show. I'm guessing this segment caused more seizures in the viewing audience then those Pokemon cartoons of a few years back...

The eyebrow-raising, super sexy design is practical as well as provocative, as the bikini portion helps keep the pants securely hitched to the hips. From the rear, the bikini portion can also serve to mask another fashion trend whose 15 minutes expired some time ago: the trashy "tramp stamp" tattoo.

If you'd like to set a new fashion trend in your neighborhood - or get expelled/fired/ogled as the case may be, you can order the "bijini", to coin a phrase, at the Sanna's Brazil Fashion website. They're surprisingly inexpensive at just $88 plus shipping and are made in Brazil... to whom those who appreciate the female form now owe mucho gratitude! Many thanks also to Neil Duckett for the TV show images.

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